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Pharmacist/Intern Duties (8)

1. Receipt of all verbal orders and reduction to writing
2. Initial identification, evaluation and interpretation of Rx and any clarification prior to dispensing
3. Professional consultation with patient or agent about Rx
4. Evaluation of clinical data in patient medical record system
5. Oral communication with patient or their agent with information to improve therapy by ensuring proper use
6. Consultation with prescriber, the prescriber's agent, or HC professional/agent regarding medication information for patient
7. Drug regimen review
8. Professional consultation without dispensing requires providing ID to patient of one providing the service


Pharmacist ONLY Tasks (6)

1. Final check on all aspects of completed Rx and assuming responsibility for filled Rx
2. Evaluation of pharmaceuticals for facility formulary selection
3. Supervision of all supportive personnel activities
4. Ensure supportive personnel are properly trained
5. Verbal communication with patient or representative regarding changes to therapy or therapeutic interchanges
6. Any other pharmacist required duty per state or federal law



-Pharmacist will use professional judgement on whether to obtain a PMP review, DOCUMENT!

MUST check PMP when...
1. Being aware of potential abuse/misuse of opioids
2. Getting an opioid Rx form an unfamiliar doctor
3. Unknown patient who lives farther away
4. Receives Rx for long-acting opioid (oral or patch)
5. Receiving opioid with benzo and carisoprodol



-Upon getting a new Rx a pharmacist or intern will offer to counsel
-Upon filling a refill, a tech may ask if they'd like counseling from pharmacist or intern
-Counseling points are based on professional judgement!


Potential Counseling Points

-Name (description of drug)
-Dosage form, dose, route, duration
-Intended use of drug/expected action
-Special directions/precautions for use/administration
-Common severe SE/AE, interaction, CI, how to avoid and what action to take
-Techniques for self monitoring therapy
-Proper storage
-Refill information
-Action to be taken if dose missed
-Need to check with pharmacist or PCP before taking other medication
-Comments relative to drug or patient specifically


Prospective Drug Review

-Prior to dispensing, a PHARMACIST shall review the patient profile to identify:
1. Clinical presentation
2. Therapy duplication
3. Drug disease interactions
4. DD Interactions
5. Incorrect drug dosage
6. Incorrect therapy duration
7. Drug allergy interaction
8. Appropriate medical indication

-If you find any of these issues, a pharmacist will use professional judgement and take steps to avoid/resolve potential problems (DOCUMENT STEPS TAKEN)


Direct Supervision

Pharmacist on site shall observe and direct to ensure accurate completion of tech activities and provide final check on all aspects of final dispensing product.


Indirect Supervision

Pharmacist offsite hall observe via surveillance cameras and direct pharmacy activity remotely to ensure accurate completion of tech activities and provide final check on all aspects of final dispensing product.


Pharmacy Technician

Under pharmacist supervision, performs repetitive tasks not requiring pharmacist professional judgement including various tasks with prepping and distributing medications.


Certified Pharmacy Technician

Completed training and certification, board approved exam, registered with board of pharmacy, and maintained current board approved certification.


Non-certified Pharmacy Technician

In process of completing the training/education needed and is registered with BoP.