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What is Phonetics?

How sounds are produced and perceived


What is Phonology?

How sounds pattern


What is Morphology?

How words are built


What is Syntax?

How words pattern into sentences


What are Semantics?

How form and meaning correspond


Why does linguistics focus on SPOKEN over WRITTEN language?

-Spoken language has been around MUCH longer

- Children learn to speak BEFORE they learn to write

- Spoken language is different, CHANGES faster than written language

-Some languages AREN'T written


What is IPA?

International Phonetic Alphabet

-Each symbol represents one speech sound

-Developed in 1886 in Paris

-Most recent version: 2015

-Mostly roman-looking symbols with bits of greek and lots of turning symbols upside down


Transcription VS Translation

TRANSLATION (Etymology "to carry across")

-To change a message from one language to another

TRANSCRIPTION (Etymology "to write across")

-To change a message from one modality to another
--> Speech into a written record (Court, medical)
--> One form of writing into another (pinyin, romaji, morse code)


What is bracket notation?

-Square brackets [ ] around a word represent a phonetic transcription

-Angle brackets < > are used to represent a "grapheme" or the letter/symbol of a writing system ( for example )


What are periods for?

Separate symbols (sort of optional, but perhaps helpful)


What should you be cautious of regarding symbols?

Some symbols are very close, but it is important to form each correctly