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get up

When you get up, you leave your bed.


What time do you usually get up in the morning?


look out for

If you look out for someone or something, you watch carefully so you see them approaching.


Roger was standing on the platform at the station looking out for the train.


come down

If someone or something comes down the street, they move along it towards you (not always going from a higher level to a lower level).


There's a big lorry coming down the street.


walk on

When someone walks on, they continue to walk.


Susan paused for a moment outside the shop window and then walked on.


turn round /

turn around

If you turn round or turn around, you go in the opposite direction.


The car drove to the end of the road, then turned round and came back again.


pull up

When a car pulls up, it stops.


The car pulled up at a traffic light.


crowd around /

crowd round

When people crowd around something or someone, or crowd round them, they form a large group around them.


We all crowded round to look at Peter's photographs.


get out of

When someone gets out of a car, they leave the car. (Note: You get out of a car.  You get off a bus, train or plane.)


The policeman told the driver to get out of the car.


meet up with

When you meet up with someone, you spend some time with them.


I had arranged to meet up with Jill after school.


grow out of

If you grow out of a piece of clothing, you get bigger.  The piece of clothing is now too small for you.


James has only had those shoes for two months and he's already grown out of them.


get on

If you get a piece of clothing on, you succedd in putting it on your body.


I can get this jacket on if I breathe in.


do up

When you do up buttons or a zip, you fasten them.


The suitcase is too full.  We can't do up the zip.


take off

When you take off a piece of clothing, you remove it from your body.


Take off those wet clothes before you catch a cold.


try on

If you try on a piece of clothing, you put it on in a shop.  You want to find out if you like it.


I thought you looked nice in the blue jacket.  Why don't you try it on again?


pile up

You pile up things, or pile them up, when you put them into a big pile.


We piled up the books on the teacher's desk.


take in

You take in a dress, or take it in, when you make it tighter to fit better.


I've got thinner, so I must take my dress in at the waist.


grow into

If you grow into a piece of clothing, you become bigger to wear it.


You think those shoes are too big, but Donald will soon grow into them.


walk up and down

When you walk up and down, you walk first in one direction and then in the opposite direction.


I walked up and down the street looking for number 32B.



put on

When you put on a piece of clothing, or put it on, it covers part of or all of your body.


Jim put on his hat and coat and went out.


have on

When someone has on something, or has something on, they are wearing it.


Brian had on blue shorts and a red sweater.