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wipe out

To wipe out someone or something is to kill all people, animals, plants, etc of that kind.

This special spray will wipe out all the weeds in your garden.


put forward

When you put forward an idea or argument, you speak or write about it.


Mary put forward some very good arguments in facour of the plan.


think about

If you think about something, you examine it in your mind.


I must think about the question for a while before Igive you my answers.


weigh up

When you weigh up ideas or arguments, you compare them to see which is better or more important.


We're weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of buying a car.


depend on

If something depends on something else, that other thing will have a very great influence on the first thing.


The success of the event will depend on the weather.


deal with

When you deal with a problem, you take action that will stop it from troubling people any longer.


The government must deal with the problem of unemployment.


win over

If you win over someone, or win them over, you persuade them to agree with you.


Margaret's powerful arguments won most of her listeners over.


agree with

If you agree with someone, you believe that they are right.


I agree with most of what Professor Jones said.


look after

If you look after someone or something, you make sure they are not harmed.


Mr Jones stays at home and looks after the children while his wife goes out to work.


face up to

When you face up to a problem, you recongnize that the problem exists and that you must deal with it.


We must face up to our difficulties.  We can't run away from them.


set off for

When you set off for a place, you go there.


Sarah set off for the airport to cath her plane.


run after

When you run after someone, you run to reach them.


Poeple ran after the thieves shouting 'stop thief!'


help out

To help out is to make people's work easier for them.


Laura helps out in the shop at busy times of the year.


take out

If you take someone out, you take them to a place that is away from their home.


It's my birthday today, so Andrew is taking me out to the theatre.



eat up

When you eat up something, you eat all of it.


If you don't eat up your vegetables, you won't stay strong and healthy.


watch over

When you watch over something, you guard them so that they are not harmed.


The next-door neighbours watch over our house while we're away on holiday.


look for

When you look for something or someone, you try to find them.


I'm looking for my cap.  Have you seen it anywhere?


listen out for

When you listen out for something or someone, you listen carefully to try to hear them.


Please listen out for the postman.  I'm expecting a parcel today.


look up

When you look up, you move your eyes and head to see things above you.


Catherine was so interested in her book that she didn't even look up when I came in.


get down

When you get something down, you bring it from a high place to a lower place.


Linda got down the suitcase that she kept on top of the cupboard.