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blaze up

When something blazes up, it stars to burn strongly.

We thought the fire was out but it suddenly blazed up again.


put out

When you put out your hand or arm, you stretch it out.

Josh put out his hand and grabbed the rail to stop himself from falling.


get on

When you get on a bus, train or place, you go inside it.

The bus was nearly empty when I got on.


get out

When you get something out, you take it from inside a container.


We got our books out ready for the lesson.







get off

When you get off a bus, train or plane, you leave it.  (Note: You get off a bus, train or place, but you get out of a car.)


Ring the bell to tell the driver you want to get off.


lie down

When you lie down, you put your body flat on something.


The animals lie down in the long grass so that nobody can see them.


stretch out

When you stretch out, you make your body straight and long.


I can't stretch out in this bed.  It's too short.


drop off

When you drop off, or drop off to sleep, you fall asleep.


Granddad dropped off while he was watching the television.




wake up

When something wakes you up, it makes you stop being asleep.


Go and wake your brother up and tell him to get ready for school.


tower over

When something or someone towers over you, they are much taller than you are.


The giant skyscraper towers over all the other buildings in the city.


look down

When you look down, you direct your eyes towards the ground.


If you're climbing a long ladder, you should not look down.  You may feel giddy.


bend down

When you bend down, you make your body move forwards and downwards.


Peter bent down to tie his shoelaces.


scare away

When you scare away people or animals, or scare them away, you make them leave by frightening them.


Sarah clapped her hands to scare away the birds that were eating the seeds.


walk along

When you walk along something such as a street, you are going from one end of it to the other.


Sally was walking along the road towards the bus stop.


trip over

If you trip over something, your foot hits against it and you fall.


The waiter tripped over my foot and dropped the dishes he was carrying.


fall down

When you fall down, you drop to the ground suddenly.


Did Sammy simply fall down or was he tripped?


help up

When you help someone up, you help them to stand.


I helped Grandma up out of her chair.


get into

If you get into something, you move inside.


The man got into his car and drove away.


go off

If something such as an alarm clock, a burglar alarm or a bomb goes off, it makes a noise or explodes.


The police made everyone leave the area in case the bomb went off.


look at

When you look at someone or something, you direct your eyes towards them.


I looked at the moon through a pair of binoculars.