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What is a fiber-optic microscope used for when installing a connector on a fiber optic cable?

Detecting dirty, cracked or scratched connectors


Why would you choose mechanical splicing over fusion splicing?

Initial setup cost


What type of mismatches can affect how well a splice performs?

Core diameter and Mode field diameter


What 3 parts make up a fiber optic receiver?

Receptacle, optical subassembly electrical subassembly


Which of the following cables are commonly used in connections to equipment and patch panels?



What can visual fault indicator help you determine

Breaks macrobends poor fusion splices


What other tool do you need when working with an optical power meter?

light source


How are optical fibers and copper different?

both can send digital data, both are used for communication optical fibers are not effected by emi


what types of things should you include when documenting the results of you OTDR testing?

number id of the cable test procedure number, pulse width, wavelength, model of otdr, dead/launch, zone specs


What are some sources of crosstalk?

not enough twisting inferior components, shoddily made patch cables, poor shielding


Name some of the parts that make up an optical fiber?

core, cladding jackets, sheath, coating, jacket, strength members


Name some common strength members materials used in fiber optics.

Aramid yarns Kevlar, steel fiberglass rods


How does dispersion affect optical fiber?

Blurs the digital signals together and degrades the distinct pulses of light making it unreadable


What does the numerical aperature express

the light gathering ability of the fiber


Which of these are used to make optical fiber?

Modified chemical vapor deposition and vapor axial deposition


What effect does EMI have on fiber-optic cable



what is tensile strength?

Resistance to stretching


What is the purpose of an optical filter

Selectively permits transmission or blocks out a range of wavelengths


Name 3 kinds of cable types used in a fttx passive optical network

Drop cable distribution cable, feeder cable


Name some components to a passive optical network

grid isolation hub optical attenuator, optical eye to eye coupler, optical filter


Name some ways to safely round up loose fiber after cleaving

use a mat, create a barrier around you work area, us tweezers, use double sided tape to pick them up


In the event of an emergency what should you first response be on a job site?

Remain calm


What are some safety precaution you need to take when working around lasers and fiber optics

wear protective eyewear, hazardous laser areas should be labeled with warning signs, assume that a fiber has a light source even though it is invisible


List some items that are necessary on a request for proposal

details on the work area components of the cabling infrastructure the desired outcomes input from other stakeholders


What are some important things during the vendor selection phase after submitting a RFP

Making sure the vendor has the proper certifications, balance out cost performance and customer support in a vendor, references on past jobs that are similar


Define a microbend in a fiber optic cable and how can they caused?

small distortions in the boundary layer between the core and the cladding. The can be caused by the packaging of the cable.