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Cognition is

biological process, interested in how the brain functions to process information



that cognitive development occurs in an orderly sequence characterized by specific growth stages; development occurs naturally


Role of environment

provide information that is either worked into a child's existing way of thinking (assimilation) or forces changes in the cognitive structure (accommodation)


4 stages of development

Sensorimotor stage, pre-operational stage, concrete operational stage, formal operational stage


Sensorimotor stage

Infancy - intelligence demonstrated through motor activity without use of symbols, knowledge of world is limited, physical development and mobility allow for the development of new intellectual abilities, start of language development


Pre-operational stage

Toddler and early childhood - intelligence demonstrated through the use of symbols, language matures, memory and imagination are developed, thinking is nonlogical and nonreversible, egocentric thinking predominates - Child cannot view the world from the vantage point of someone else


Concrete operational stage

Elementary and early adolescence - intelligence demonstrated through logical and systematic manipulation of symbols related to concrete objects, reversible thinking develops, egocentric thoughts decrease


Formal operational stage

Adolescence and adulthood - intelligence is demonstrated through the logical use of symbols related to abstract concepts, return to egocentric thought in early stage, small percentage of people fully reach this stage



A substance's wait, mass, and volume remain the same even if it changes shape. The child masters conservation and the concept of reversibility during the concrete operations stage.



One can undo an action, hence an object can return to its initial shape; children master this in the concrete operations stage