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Condyloma accuminata (HPV 6/11)

-small macpap growthss that cluster

-clusters of soft, pink, skin colored lesions


Location of 

(a) vestible

(b) Bartholin glands

(a) Vestible = area btwn the labia minora

(b) Bartholin glands- open at 4 and 8 oclock of the vaginal orifice 


Differentiate simple vs. complex endometrial hyperplasia

In simple hyperplasia both the glands and the stroma are proliferating

-Comlpex: the glands proliferate much more => increased gland:stroma ratio 


34 yo w/ vulvar lesions x6 weeks

Multiple small, papular growths at the vestible of the vulva and over the labia major

-few lesiosn are fragile and bleed on manipulation 


Condylomata acuminata (genital warts from HPV 6 and 11) 


Location where an ectopic pregnancy would last the longest

Cornual/interestitial = part of the fallopian tube that is directly attached to the cervix and is even surrounded by myometrium

=> has the support/strength of the myometrium to allow for expansion


Molluscum contagiosum

-caused by poxvirus

-pearly (smooth, firm) painless nodules w/ central dimple or pit


What is a hysterosalpingogram

Inject die into uterine cavity to assess shape of the cavity and patency of the fallopian tubes

-involved in the workup for infertility (not pelvic pain- use US for pelvic pain)

-if don't get spillage then tube is blocked


'Pearl necklace' ultrasound appearance of PCO (polycystic ovary)

-follicle develops but never ovulates 


Maneuvers to delivery baby w/ shoulder dystocia

Shoulder dystocia = anterior shoulder stuck under mother's pubic symphysis 

1. apply suprapubic pressure 

2. McRobert's maneuver- hyperflex mother's hips to open up the maternal pelvis 


Lichen sclerosis- pruritic, white, thin, wrinkled skin over the labia

-perianal thickening w/ fissures


Unknown etiology: genetic, autoimmune, hormonal


Differentiate the shape btwn early, late, and variable decels 

Early and late are rather uniform

Early: gradual onset and offset

Late: nadir right after peak of contraction, recovers after contraction is over

Variable: very acute onset (onset to nadir under 30 sec), not timed w/ contractions, rapid onset and offset 


Lichen planus- pruritic, glassy, bright red erosions and ulcerations 

-cause unknown, thought to be immune (bummer)

-not contagious 


Differentiate condyloma accuminata vs. condyloma lata

Condyloma accuminata = genital warts from HSV 6/11

-macpap warts in clusters of soft, pink, skin colored lesions 


Condyloma lata = secondary syphilis

-flat, velvety lesions w/ a broader/flatter surface


Most common location of ectopic pregnancies 

95+% in the fallopian tubes 

-majority of which are in the ampulla 


Causes of the 3 types of decels 

Early- head compression

Late- uteroplacental insufficiency 

Variables- cord compression 


What kind of twins?

Dichoronic diamniotic- give away is the lambda sign