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what difference could you experience in the handling of the motorcycle when carrying a pillion passenger?

1. my balance will be affected, especially at low speed
2. It will take me longer to stop due to extra weight
3. It will tae longer to accelerate up to speed
4 the bikes steering will become lighter due to weight at the back


What would you adjust on the motorcycle to carry a pillion passenger or extra heavy kit?

1. front and rear tyre pressure according to manufacturers owners manual
2. Adjust front and rear suspension according to manufactures owners manual
3. adjust the wing mirrors
4. adjust the headlamp, extra weight will make it point up
5. consider chain adjustment if traveling long distances as the extra weight may cause the chain to tighten


What advice would you give a pillion passenger who is going to travel on a motorcycle for the first time?

1. wear appropriate safety helmet, securely fastened
2. wear appropriate motorcycle clothing
3. sit astride the motorcycle facing forwards with feet on the footrests.
4. hold firmly onto the rider or the hand rails
5. make no hand signals or gestures
6. lean with the motorcycle, relax and enjoy


what is the minimum legal age before being allowed to ride as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle?

There isnt a minimum age limit, the pillion must be able to reach the footrests and be able to hold onto the motorcycle safely.