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Consists of people, organizations, processes, procedures and systems used to conduct, execute, and support nuclear operations and forces.

The Air Force Nuclear Enterprise


Infrastructure and life-cycle activities; delivery platforms and supporting systems; intellectual and technical competencies; and a cultural mindset ensuring sustainable, responsive, safe, reliable, and secure AF nuclear deterrence capabilities.

Nuclear Enterprise Components


Created in 2009, it has oversight of the nuclear mission, restores faith in ability to safeguard nuclear assets, and execute nuclear weapons with precision.

Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC)


AFGSC includes two numbered Air Forces

- 20th AF
- 8th AF


Responsible for all ICBMs

20th AF


Responsible for all strategic bombers

8th AF


Contribute to deterrence and provide stability in a crisis; responsive to national leadership; continuously on alert; and deployed to 450 widely dispersed locations.



Provide great flexibility and versatility and are absolutely essential to nuclear deterrence.

Strategic Bombers


Nuclear Mission Areas

- Weapons Storage Areas (WSA)
- Prime Nuclear Airlift Forces (PNAF)
- Weapons Storage and Security Systems (WS3)
- Missile Launch Control Facilities
- Silos


Any aircrew, aircraft, flight line, or other function that provides peacetime support of logistical airlift for nuclear weapons. Requires specially trained C-130 and C-17 aircrews and support personnel.

Prime Nuclear Airlift Forces (PNAF)


Includes electronic monitoring and controls and storage vaults built into the floor of Protective Aircraft Shelter (PAS). Storage under the aircraft reduces need for convoys and eliminates exposure.

Weapons Storage and Security Systems (WS3)


A deep underground structure of reinforced concrete and steel that is a blast and pressure protected hardened capsule. It contains equipment and personnel capable of controlling, monitoring, and launching 50 missiles.

Missile Launch Control Facilities


Lies beneath a missile alert facility and houses missile launch crew, security teams, and other support functions.

Launch Control Center (LCC)


Underground, vertical cylindrical containers which are hardened and protected by a "blast door" on top.

Missile Silos


People, organizations, processes, procedures, and systems are best described as?

Components of the nuclear enterprise


AF Global Strike Command was stood up in ______ and is located ______.

2009, Barksdale AFB


Responsive to national leadership, continuously on alert, and deployed to widely dispersed locations best describes?

20th AF's ICBMs


WSA, PNAF, and WS3 are best described as?

Nuclear Mission Areas


Functions that provide peacetime support of logistic airlift for nuclear weapons best describes?

Prime Nuclear Airlift Forces (PNAF)


Electronic monitoring and controls, storage vaults built into the floor, reduced need for convoys, and the elimination of exposure best describes?

Weapon Storage and Security Systems (WS3)


Underground structure, blast and pressure protected, capable of launching 50 missiles best describes?

Missile Launch Control Facilities


Vertical cylindrical container, protected by blast door on top, and multiple missile fields best describes?

Missile Silos