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What enzyme do cats lack, that makes them unable to elongate linoleic acid?

delta 6 desaturase.


Because cats can't elongate linoleic acid, what fatty acid must be present in their diet?

arachidonic acid.


What fatty acid is required to produce ceramides? What animals require ceramides?

linoleic acid. All mammals require it.


This PUFA is rquired by dogs, NOT cats.

alpha-linolenic acid


What is arachidonic acid used for? Do dogs require this as well?

Needed for inflammation, the immune system, and cell membranes (makes 20-25% of total FA of cell membranes). Dogs do not require this.


If you start administering eicosapentaenoic acid, how long until you see the benefits?

12-14 WEEKS.


What are some clinical signs of essential fatty acid deficiency?

poor growth and weight gain, cutaneous changes, infertility and poor wound healing.


What are the 2 most important series of PUFA?

n-3 and n-6