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Who is the Sentimental NIBMY and why does he wear crocs?

These individuals think globally but exclude locally and actually promote sprawl....think about Boulder


Describe the Cost Curve relationship between Transportation costs Density

Cities with higher densities spend so much less on transportation enegry (Paris, the Bronx, and Shanghai)...

Cities with lowers densities in the US experience a much higher transportation cost (Houston)


What other Cost Curves are Similar to Transportation/Density

1) Public Infrastructure Costs
2) Public Service Costs


What are the main expenditures for transit rich neighborhoods and auto-dependent neighbohood

1) Transit rich spend only 9 percent on transportation and 60 for others shit

2) Auto Dependant neighborhoods spend 25% on Transportation and 43 left for others

NOTE: average family spends 19 % on trans


What is the predicated US growth and impact on housing

1) By 2050 another 100 million people and 2100 300 million

2) We will need to add 100 mil new homes (more than already exists!)


What are economic benfits of reducing sprawl...duh?

1) Infrastructure and transportation costs
2) Every major industry
3) Job Creations
4) Affordable houses and choices
5) Sustainability


Where is the majority of new growth going to be?

1) 20 Mega regions

2) East west coast and Colorado


How is existing infrastructure both a burden but blessing?

1) we have huge infrastructure debt and its a problem

2) We have cheap and existing stuff and place


Like China, how should the US reform its property and land use policies?

1) Need Federal Cohesive Plan
2) take power away from local and municiple cities
3) As is, local planning regimes virtually guarantee low density auto dependent shit


How does the US allocate resources between Infrastructure, industry, and energy consumtion

1) 75 % of all resources tied to built in environment

2) Only 25 Percent goes to industry

3) Transportation is 30% and 50% to infrastructure


Describe the Euproean Planning Model with Current US Model

1) Europe is compact, mixed use, pedestrian and transit friendly

2) US is sprawl, separation, car depednant


Five Goals to a National Green Urban Policy

1) Emphasis on linking transportation funding and smart growth

2) Increase in funding for public transit and non-automobile mobility

3) Increase in funding for urban and regional light real

4) Recognition of the need for more regional urban planning

5) Subsidized development of electric car


What is social cohesion theory?

1) is there a decline in community cohesion

2) Look at EU model, we want neighbors not fences


What are the greenest citiest?

Portland, vancouver, hongkong, Manhattan