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Name 6 types of worships

Bhajan/ Kirtan
Mantras/ japa


Explain the 4 types of festivals

Celebrating a key event in the life of a deity
Celebrating the birth life or achievement of a Hindu Saint
Seasonal festivals
Joyful celebrations of family and life


What is Diwali

Festival of light
Five days in November or October
Vaishnavas recall the story of Rama and Sita
Lakshmi is remembered


What is Holi

Celebrated in Feb or March at the time of the full moon
Story of Prahlad and Holika
Old clothes and bright coloured powders


Give the four qualities of a guru

Well versed in scripture
Know about Brahman
Overcome human desires
Be honest sincere and trustworthy


Name a famous female guru

Amma (hugs followers to show love)


Name a modern guru

Sathya Sai Baba (over 15 million followers)


What's karma yoga

Path of selfless action
Doing good
Free soul from material want
Requires rituals eg havan
For example, giving to charity


What's jnana yoga

Path of knowledge
Give up worldly pleasures
Focus on non personal nature of God
Study and practice scripture to become one with Brahman
For example believe racism is an illusion due to human ignorance


What's Bhakti yoga

Path of personal devotion
Develop loving devotion to God
Use bhagavan to reach union with God
Eg meditating at home In front of an image of Krishna everyday


What's Astanga yoga

Path of mediation
Finding God with in the heart
Eg yogis that practise intense meditation


What happens at the Kumbh Mela

Small scale every 3 yrs large scale every 12yrs
Bathing in the Ganges (mythological story of Garuda) brings purification
Time of festival is calculated through the stars
In 2013 100 million bathed in the Ganges
Lasts 55 days
Sadhus lead the procession into the water
Attending demonstrates passion and devotion


Quotes from the cultural India website about Varanasi

Varanasi to Hindus is the gateway to moksha

Varanasi stirs an individual to reflect about life


A mandir that practises sustainability

Neasden Temple in London


Why are Hindus vegetarian

Animals suffer
Breath is used to utter holy scripture should not associate with the killing of animals
Not eating meat is a sign of religious purity
Animals are part of samsara
In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna recommends eating veg fruit grains and milk products


Why are cows sacred

Lord Krishna was a cow herd
Cows give nutrition
Cows look after whilst we are alive
The Veda forbid the killing of cows
Shiva rides a bull


What forest is a place of pilgrimage

Vrindavan forest as Krishna lived there.
It was destroyed by industrialisation and so there's a project to restore it


Story from tradition about helping others

King rantideva

And the King and the cart driver


Name a women's festival

Sewa International made a festival to celebrate womanhood


Things people do as dharma

Sharing food (Anna Dana)
Offer food to unexpected guests
You can't refuse hospitality to anyone
Some organise meals for the needy or donate to charity