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Prevention of permanent disability or death due to illness or injury by I’m going to care and rehabilitation for affected population’s treatment of complications and restoration of the function(ie. had a heart attack now eating healthy and working out)

Tertiary prevention


Office setting based is concerned with outpatient to our ambulatory emphasis on prevention health promotion and health maintenance has a pattern of care that is more general than specialized deals with minor health issues or more serious health problems in the early stages includes basic public health screenings in a degree of comprehensiveness of services either directly or by referral

Primary care


Hospital setting based,but is rendered in the specially the designated areas of General Hospital, specialty hospitals or major medical centers, uses more advanced technologies, equipment, personal staff, includes complicated surgical operations qualitatively and quantitatively more specialized ,intensive any expensive than primary and secondary care

Tertiary care


Prevention of the occurrence of the incidence of illness or injury prevented by risk reduction in susceptible populations this is literally prevention of the initial on scent of injury or illness

Primary prevention


Prevention of disease or injury progression (prevention of severity of war prevalence of disease or injury) by early detection and diagnosis and propped intervention and expose populations to reduce the extent of the burden of health

Secondary prevention


Hospital setting based concerned with in patients who have been rendered at least partially non-ambulatory by their health problems in our hospital bed ridden for at least a portion of the day includes so called routine surgeries and is more specialize intensive and costly than primary care

Secondary care