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Primary prevention is aimed at _____.

maintaining a healthy population, by adopting measure to avoid occurrence of disease either through eliminating the pathogen or increasing resistance to disease.


Define secondary prevention.

An action which halts the progress of a disease at its incipient/early stage and prevents complications.


Define incubation period.

The time elapsed between infection and when clinical symptoms are first apparent.


How often should a farmer review and update vaccination and treatment protocols?



How often should a farmer examine animals for signs of illness?



In what time period should deceased animals be disposed of?

48 hours


In what ways can a deceased animal be disposed of?

Burying, composting, incinerating


Define decontamination

a process or treatment that renders a medical device, instrument or environmental surface safe to handle. This can range from sterilization to simple cleaning with soap and water.


Define sterilization.

A process that destroys or eliminates all forms of microbial life/pathogens, including highly resistant pathogens such as bacterial spores.


Define disinfection

a process that eliminates many or all pathogenic microorganisms, except bacterial spores, on inanimate objects.


Define antisepsis

the application of liquid antimicrobial chemical to skin or living tissue to inhibit or destroy microorganisms.


In what order should PPE be applied?

Gown, mask, eyewear, gloves


In what order should PPE be removed?

Gloves, eyewear, gown, mask


Define Isolation

Separation of individuals who are known to be ill with a contagious disease.


Define quarantine

Separation of individuals who have been exposed to a contagious disease.


For what length of time should an individual remain in quarantine?

the longest incubation period of the disease.


Chemoprophylaxis is....

the use of antimicrobial drugs to increase host resistance to a disease.


The disadvantages of chemoprophylaxis are ___.

Potential adverse rxns to the drug

Pathogens may be resistant to the antimicrobial

Host resistance only lasts as long as the drug is present.


What are the OiE guidelines for establishing an animal disease control program (11)?

1.) Rationale for establishing a disease control programme - justify the need for such a program
2.) Set up goals and objectives
3.) Program planning
4.) Implementation - surveillance system will help provide guidance on priorities and targets for the application of interventions
5.) Diagnostic capability
6.) Vaccination and other control measures
7.) Traceability - facilitates the ID of affected animals, herds or flocks
8.) Regional cooperation
9.) Social participation
10.) Role of research in support of disease control programme
11.) Training and capacity building


What does OiE stand for?

World Organization for Animal Health


What are sentinel labs?

represent the thousands of hospital-based labs that are on the front lines. These labs have direct contact with patients


Reference labs

Can perform tests to detect and confirm the presence of a threat agent. These labs ensure a timely local response in the event of a threat incident


National Labs

have unique resources to handle highly infectious agents and the ability to identify specific agent strains.


What does DIVA stand for?

Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals


What is FAD

Foreign Animal Disease


What is the infected zone?

3 km perimeter around the premises where presumed or confirmed disease occurs. This is the one that immediately surrounds the infected premises.


What's the buffer zone?

7 km perimeter around the perimeter of the infected zone. This surrounds the infected zone.


What is the control area?

10 km perimeter around the premises where presumed or confirmed disease occurs. This includes the infected zone and buffer zone.


What is the vaccination zone?

emergency vaccinations administered to potential hosts in this zone. This may be the control area or just outside the control area depending on classification.


What is a pandemic?

global emergence of disease