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What is moral evil

Evil as a result to human activity


What is natural evil

Evil found in earth and nature, eg natural disasters. nothing to do with human choice,


Who said “moral evil is the evil that we human beings originate. Cruel, vicious, unjust and perverse thoughts and deeds”



What did Swinburne say about Human evil

“The evil constituted by deliberate actions or negligent failure”


What did Stephen fry say

“Bone cancer in children? What’s that about? Why should I respect a capricious, mean mind, stupid god who creates a world so full of injustice”


What is the inconsistent triad?

Mathematical problem of evil. God can either be all loving and not all powerful to stop evil, or all powerful, and not caring to stop it. He can’t have both of his qualities.


What did J L Mackie think about problem of evil?

All loving and all powerful as incompatible with god due to the inconsistent triad. God could’ve created us to always choose to do right, but he didn’t. He couldn’t not put the forbidden tree there but he did.


What does Augustine think about problem of evil

The fall o mankind makes us evil. It wasn’t gods fault, it is our own punishment for not following gods rules.


What do deists think about the problem of evil

Believe god made the world but then went, and had no further interests. A apprentice God,
Evil is not real. Evil is an illusion.


What does DZ Phillips think about POE?

Attitude adds to evil, against this position. The more eligible we are, the better goodness we have. If shooting, it’s ok to kill buses we would have more happiness.


Why did god suffer with us?

Because of Jesus. He died for us, and felt the pain through Jesus


What does Hans Kung think about PoE

God suffered on the cross so that he could looking suffering humanity in the face


Why does Brian Davies support Augustinian theodicy?

You cannot call evil a substance, but rather is “a gap between what is there and what there ought to be”.


What position does Richard Swinburne support?

The free will defence. Evil is a result of free will.
“The less he allows men to bring about large scale horrors, the less freedom and responsibility he gives them.”


What does scherimacher think about Augustinian theodicy

Argues it was a logical contradiction to say that a perfectly created world had gone wrong,
“A flawless creation could not go wrong. If it is, the responsibility lies with god”


What is a theodicy?

Accepts evil, demonstrated god is all loving, powerful and knowing, and suggests many evil exists for a reason, and can make things better


“If a theist doesn’t have a satisfactory answer, then his belief in god is less rational and no reason the atheist should share it”



Augustine quote on evil

“For what is that which we can evil but the absence of good? “
“Darkness was the absence of light”


Who is Augustine

Monism and the bishop of Hippo. 354AD


What was ausgustines argument based on?

The bible, espcieally the creation and the fall.


What are the 2 premises of Augustine’s theodicy

Evil didn’t come from god, since gods creation was perfect
Evil having come from elsewhere, god is justified in letting it stay


What is Augustine’s argument

God created everything ex nihilo (from nothing). All was perfect. God cannot be blamed for evil, since it is a deprivation and it makes no sense to say god created a deprivation (privatio Boni) evil came from bagels and humans who turned away from god

Gods creation comes with many types of creatures; some higher, and lower. But no level was not good. E

Evil for Augustine was the misuse of creaturely freedom. God gave all creatures freedom, rather than being robots,
If the staged the revolt with lucifer, they were cast out of heaven,
When Adam and Eve was created, they were tempted and misused their freedom.


What resulted in the evil in Augustine’s theodicy?

The sin of Adam was at the same time the sin of all his descendants because they were “seminary present in Adams loins”. Hence all babies are baptised to remove sin,
Natural evil is a fitting punishment and came about because the human action destroyed the natural order,
There feel god is right not to intervene and stop the suffering. God saves some through Christ.


What type of sin is Augustine’s theodicy?

Soul deciding theodicy,


What are the strengths of Augustine’s theodicy?

Brian Davies- evil isn’t a substance
Free will is convincing,


Criticisms of Augustine’s theodicy

Schleiremacher- “a flawless creation could not go wrong”. “A perfect being free to sin would never do so. From gods point they would be unfree. He is limited in power if unable to save all men”.
Idea that world was made perfectly by God
Not all humans were present in adaaugustine believed that he’ll was part of the design of the universe, therefore god knew about veil


Who is irenaeus?

Bishop of Lyons 130AD


What is irenaeus’ theory

Man was created by god as an immature creature with the potential of being perfect. Genuine perfection cannot be made, but develop by free choice,
Since god gave us free choice, he had to give us the potential to disobey him.
Man in the beginning of a process of growth and dvemeoment which will culminate in being like god.
We were made in the IMAGE OF GOD, but we need to grown into the LIKENESS OF GOD.
Gradual spiritual process through experiences. Humans misuse their freedom, and this leads to suffering. God can not intervene as it would compromise our freedom,


Swinburne on irenaeus’ theodicy

Life is pointless if god intervened everytime we tried to cause harm. There’s no consequences and we need to understand suffering to change and make a difference,


Peter vardy on irenaeus

If we were driving with a policeman, we wouldn’t speed. If god was there, we wouldn’t have free choice, need space and mystery to have choice to develop