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What are Aquinas is five ways

Proving existence of God. The fifth way is taken from the governments of the world. That’s awesome intelligent being exists by him all natural things are directed to the end, and this being we call God


What did Aquinas state of existence of God

Connor stated that everything works together to achieve order despite the fact that inanimate objects have no mind or rational power to achieve this.


What was the crime is analogy for the teleological argument.

Arrow, saying that for the arrow to reach its destination, it must be directed first by the archer,


What are Aquinas arguments from?

Argument from design. Proving god is there as he put the design in the world.


Who is William paley?

Took Aquinas argument further, with his own version of the teleological argument. Presents both an argument for and an argument from design,


What is parleys analogy?

Analogy of the watchmaker. A man comes across a stone and a pocket watch, it was clear that the stone was natural and could be there forever. However the watch obviously had a creator, as it was perfectly designed for its use. It has regularity and purpose. Therefore cannot be just a coincidence and it has to have a creator, exactly like the world.


What other examples did paley use to further his argument?

An eye, fish fins, birds wings.


“There is precisely the same proof than the eye was made for vision, as there is that the telescope was made for assisting it”

Dawkins. The blind watchmaker. 1986


What were the two aspects of paley arguments?

Design qua purpose and design qua regularity


What was design qua purpose?

First part of plays argument, which argues that everything in the world was designed for a purpose, just like the watch was. Uses the example of the human eye.


What is design qua regularity?

Second part of paley argument. Stating that the order of the universe suggests a designer. Paley’s uses examples of astronomy and Newton’s law of motion and gravity to prove design in the universe, he stated that the ordered what in which the plants move and the way they are held in their orbits couldn’t have come across by chance,


“I might possibly answer, that, for anything I knew to the contrary, it has lain there forever”

Paley about the watchmaker


Psalms about the world showing gods design

“The heavens declare the glory of god, and the firmament showery his handiwork!


What are humes three criticisms to the teleological argument?

Aptness of analogy
Alternative explanation
Arguments from cause and effect


Who was David Hume?

Enlightenment period. Alcoholic and racist. Hume wrote these criticisms 24 years before paleys book., in “dialogue concerning natural religion”


What was humes aptness of analogy criticm on the teleological argument?

Analogy is limited to the points of similarity of the things being compared. When studying the circulatory system, you don’t compare it to a way the Sap circulates a tree, this applies to paleys analogy, man made and the world, necessary and contingent.
If the house is faulty, what does this say about the designer?


What is humes alternative explanation about the teleological argument?

Cosmic fine tuning. If the Big Bang has been the tiniest bit stronger or weaker, the universe would have collapsed or expanded too quickly. The accuracy of the universe is compared to firing a bullet at a one inch target 20 billion light years away and hitting it. Epicurean thesis- explanation for the order and precision of the world.
Monkeys and typewriter- one day, they will accidentally wrote the whole of shakespeare


What is humes cause and effect argument for the teleological argument?

We cannot go from an effect to a cause greater than that needed to produce the cause. Example of a set of scales. The pan is in the air, so we know that what is in the other pan is heavier, even though it is hidden from our view. But we have no idea if it is an ounce or a ton difference. In the same way we cannot go from the vidnev of with world, with all its limitations, to an infinite all loving god,


What does mill think about the teleological argument?

We can conclude from the observations of nature, that it doesn’t logically lead to the conclusion thus it is designed for human good, he believed that nature kills at random and it is cruel. Problem of evil.


Quote of mill about the teleological argument

“If the maker of this world can do all that he wills, he wills misery and there is not escaping that conclusion.”


What does Darwin think about the teleological argument?

Without reference to god. Natural selection. The world is pure chance, nothing more. Natural selection is a complex process that it seems to usurp the role of god.


Darwin’s book

“On the origin of species by means of natural selection” 1859


What does Swinburne argument about the teleological argument?

god is the best explanation because of the providential nature of the universe. It contains within it everything that is necessary for survival and natural laws function within the universe. This kind of universe is the type that god would have reason to create,


Who is F R Tennant and what does he have to do with the design arguments?

Proposed aesthetic argument.
Also used the notion that the universe possesses a natural beauty beyond that which is necessary to live, meaning there is a creator.


What is tennants book called?

Philosophical theology 1969


Who is Freeman Dyson?

Argues scientific explanations of the universe are compatible with ththe design argument since evolution or the Big Bang can be seen to the The means that the designer has employed.


What does polkinghorne think about the design argument?

Believed that the universe is not fixed and unchained, but rather that God continually interacts with creation as a conductor “conducting the improvised performance of the universe”


What does a posteriori mean

Based on observation and the experiences of the world.


What does inductive mean

Moves from specific experiences of the world, to a general conclusion about the world, premises give support to the conclusion but do not necessitate it,


What does Paul Davies say?

If you are a theist, you will always think there is a god.