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What is the definition of fractional distillation?

Alcohol vapors can be separated from liquid water and collected in a still because of the different boiling points of ethyl alcohol and water


What are the two kinds of stills used in distillation?

Pot still and continuous still


What is the greatest difference between a spirit produced in a pot still, and a spirit produced in a continuous still?

A spirit produced in a pot still will have more congeners, which contribute to greater flavor but also has more impurities. A continuous still will produce a cleaner, more pure spirit, but it will have less flavor


What are the two columns with in a continuous still?

Analyzer and rectifier


What are four ways a spirit can gain flavor after distillation?

Barrel aging
Maceration (flavoring agent is steeped in the alcohol)
Infusion (same method as maceration but quicker; at hotter temps)
Percolation (base spirit is pumped through the flavoring material)


What is the "proof" of a spirit?

Twice The percentage of alcohol by volume