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1. Secured Optimizer –

a credit card designed for people who do not have credit or plan to rebuild / restore their credit.


i. Secured Savings –

a savings account that is used as collateral and required in order to apply for secured credit card.


2. ClearPoints –

a credit card that focuses on simplicity with the added perks of reward points and Visa benefits.


3. Visa Signature –

a premier credit card that has all the benefits of the ClearPoints plus value offers available at –including: travel, entertainment, sports, concierge, etc...


4. Select Credit Card-

a premier credit card that is for you if you want to be in control of how you earn and multiply your rewards. Earn more, save more, with more ways to redeem. Travel outside of the country.


5. Visa Platinum Personal Line of Credit –

our new personal line of credit offered through Visa –combine the benefits of having a credit card with those of a line of credit


6. Simplified Line of Credit –

a line of credit that acts like an installment loan, make cash advances with the added convenience of making fixed payments over a fixed term


7. BBVA Compass NBA American Express -

The only card featuring TripleDouble Rewards with access to the best

NBA sporting events, rewards and more ways to show team loyalty.Enjoy no annual fee


8. ChargeCard –

a purchase card that allows customers to use it almost like a debit card –except you pay for all the debits at the end of the month each month.


9. CompassInspire –

a credit card that was offered in partnership with HSBC Bank; however, we no longer sell nor service these customers.