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What are the three criteria to consider in determining employee status?

behavioral (can company control), financial (is employee paid by organization), type or relationship (written contracts between employee and organization like pension vacation etc)


Name and describe the six terms for types of employees

regular, temporary, full time, part time, exempt and non exempt


name and describe the nine personality dimensions

perfectionist, helper, producer, connoisseur, sage (quite and observe), troubleshooter, visionary, top dog and mediator


What are the four generational differences found in the workplace?

silent generation, baby boomers, generation x and millennial generation


Explain Szilagyi's basic rule model of motivation

needs, directions and rewards


Identify the six steps of szilagyi's model

arousal of need and recognition of that need create tension, individual will search for and choose specific behaviors, performs behaviors, performance is evaluated, rewards or punishment are given, individual evaluates if need has been met.


What is the basis for the scientific management model of motivation?

workers are motivated to produce through wage incentives.


How does the human relations model differ from the scientific model?

human relations take into account boredom and social contact increases motivation


Describe three broad theories of present day motivation theory

content theories focus on factors that energize or arouse motivated behavior, process theories focus on how to motivate, reinforcement theories focus on the ways in which behavior is learned.


describe Maslow's theory of needs

classifies human motivation into a hierarchy of five needs. Individuals will be motivated to fulfill whichever need is the most powerful at a given time.


Describe the different type of needs in maslows model

self needs, esteem needs, belongingness needs, safety and security, physiological needs


Describe Herzbergs theory and how needs could be seperated

Dissatisfactors: salary, working conditions and company policy. Sattisfactors: achievement, recognition, responsibility


What factors do these content theories fail to consider?

individual differences.


What models fall into process theory group?

try to address some fo the deficiencies with content theories. most important are expectancy theory, equity theory and goal setting theory.


what is the expectancy theory?

tries to account for the differences between individuals and their behaviors.


What is the equity theory?

based on the notion that an individuals evaluation of the equity or fairness of the reward received plays a large part in his/her motivation


Describe goal setting theory

states that workers strive toward goals, and focus on the goal setting process


what are the problems with process theories and how can they be overcome?

only effective after a manger has gotten to know his/her employees which can take time,


Describe the reinforcement theory

looks at how the consequences of past behaviors affect future actions. If consequences are positive the employee will repeat the same behavior. If negative behavior will change.


How can job design be used as a motivator?

focuses on making jobs challenging to the employee and therefore rewarding.


What are the four levels of career development?

Individuals first job, individual moves to first supervisory role, mid career and taken on more responsibility, higher level of management and setting goals.


What are the three types of groups?

functional (exist to accomplish ongoing tasks), task or project groups for specific project and interest or friendship groups come together due to common interests.


What is a trade union?

organization run by and for workers who have banded together to achieve common goals in key areas regarding working conditions.


Describe the different union models

closed shop employs people who are already members. Union shop employs non union members but they must be a union member eventually, agency shop requires non union to pay fees even if they are not members and open shop does not require union membership.


What are the types of teams?

improvement teams (formed to improve processes, products or services), work team (organized around a function) or self directed work teams (self managed and select own leader and goals)


What are the four basic leadership theories

trait, behavior, situation and transformational leadership theory


Explain the managerial grid by blake and mouton

based on two axis (concern for people and concern for task).


What are the steps of the rational decision making model?

define problem, identify decision criteria, allocate weights, develop alternatives, evaluate best alternatives, select the best alternative


List the three types of ethics theories and describe each

Virtue (concentrates on the actor), Deontological (concentrates on the act) and utilitarianism (focuses on consequences).