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reasons for recording impressions?

- record keeping
- medico-legal evidence
- monitor dental disease
- diagnosis and treatment planning (using casts & models)
- provision of active treatment: trauma, orthodontics, aesthetics


name the types of treatment that require the recording of an impression

- provision of occlusal splints: manage parafunction
- construct appliances to improve appearance - management of discolored teeth
- provision of complex restorative treatment
- construct simple removable prostheses & metal based removable prostheses
- immediate dentures
- construct obturators for use after surgical treatment
- restoration of pts with dental implants
- facial prostheses


name 3 types of impression materials + their market names

irreversible hydrocolloid - alginate
polyether - impregum
silicone - rapid liner, president


primary impression: uses?
what is the most common material used for this?

- production of study casts
- record keeping, treatment planning
- construction of appliances

- alginate


trays for primary impression - plastic based

- more flexible
- cheap
- single use (no contamination?)


trays for primary impression - plastic based

- limited choice available
- shape can be modified??


working impressions - used when?
what is critical when producing a working impression?

- carried out as a separate stage for construction of crowns & dentures
- dimensional stability and accuracy


special trays:
what are they?
what do they provide?
used for?

- trays that are customised to each patient
- more even thickness of impression material
- dentures, implants, crown & bridgework


materials used for special trays?

- shellac
- polymethylmethacrylate
- visible light cured resin


what is the disinfection process for impression taking?

wash: in disinfectant solution for 2 mins
wash off disinfectant solution
cover with impression napkin, bag and label the impressions
complete the lab prescription card