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what occurs on the 1st clinical visit?

- history and examination
- treatment planning
- primary impression


what are some components of the patient history?

- previous dental history
- previous medical history


history & exam: what needs to be asked for denture making?

- were there previous attempts of denture making?
- were they successful?
- how long were they worn?
- what does pt think?


examination: what should be assesed?

- soft tissues: are they healthy? does the pt require specific management before making new dentures?
- full dental charting, BPE, examination and drawing of current dentures
- examine occlusion: any index teeth?


what are index teeth?

points of contact of opposing teeth, indicating intercuspal position


what occurs during lab stage 1?

- production of primary casts (study casts)
- production of record blocks (occlusal rims)


what are occlusion blocks/occlusal rims?

occlusion blocks consist of wax rims attached to well-fitting trial denture bases
they help to create maxillomandibular relation records, help to arrange teeth


what happens on the 2nd clinical visit? requirement depends on?

occlusion stage (if required). depends on how many teeth the patient has and how clear the occlusal relationships are


what determines the need for an occlusion visit?

whether the casts can be articulated without the need for record blocks


record blocks are used for?

to record the correct occlusal vertical dimension when there is lack of sufficient tooth contact


what happens during lab stage 2?

articulation of casts
design of partial denture
construction of special trays


design of partial dentures: require? (4)

- surveyed casts
- examination of occlusion
- reference to previous design of dentures
- information of history and examination e.g. prognosis of teeth


surveying: gives information on?

1. path of insertion of denture
2. areas around the teeth that may stop the denture being seated
3. areas around the teeth that are useful for holding the denture in


design of partial dentures: what must happen regarding the casts beforehand?

casts must be articulated before partial dentures can be designed
(may or may not require occlusion stage, depending on patient and how much teeth present)


3rd clinical visit: what happens?

1. review and discuss design of dentures with patient
2. tooth modifications/preparations e.g. rest seats or composite additions
3. secondary impressions in special trays
4. choose artificial teeth


what happens during lab stage 3?

1. preparation of secondary (working) casts
2. construction of casting
3. setting of artificial teeth


4th clinical visit: what happens?

try in stage - trial insertion
if there is metal casting as part of the denture, will need to be assessed for fit


try in: what to take note and check for?

- check lab work
- insert try-in & check for:
occlusion & tooth position


lab stage 4?

- processing of denture
- conversion of wax parts into polymethylmethacrylate
- artificial teeth secured to denture


5th clinical visit? what to assess?

fitting of prostheses
assess similar factors as trial insertion stage:
check lab work, fit denture and check:
extensions, adaptations, retention, occlusion, appearance
+ give instructions on care


6th visit of patient?

ease pt
- listen for pt comments
- examine mouth
- adjust denture as required
- put pt on recall