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What is the WSPU?

Women's social political union
Leader - Emmeline Pankhurst
Sylvia and Cristabel Pankhurst
Peaceful AND violent protests used
Emily Davison (Derby Day)


What is the NUWSS?

National Union Women Suffrage Societies
Leader - Millicent Fawcett
Peaceful methods only


Methods used by NUWSS

Leaflet distribution
Production of clever posters
Held meeting with politicians
Signed petitions
Branch offices around London


Methods used by WSPU

Leaflet distribution
Production of clever posters
Organised demonstrations
Chained themselves to railings
Set fire to post boxes
Held meeting with politicians
Fought the police
Branch offices around London
Went on hunger strike


Cat and mouse act

Allowed authorities to release a hunger-striker before they became seriously ill and then re-after them once they regained strength
Introduced so government could stop protests and weaken the suffragettes


Black Friday

18th November 1910
Protest response to parliamentary proceedings regarding Concilation Bill
In response WSPU sent a delegation of around 300 winne to protest, 200 assaulted by police


Black Friday and media

Public relations disaster for gov't
Press took side of suffragettes
Pictures of police assaulting unarmed female protesters were greatly criticised
Made MPs move away for the Bill
Two women died due to violence
200 women arrested


Death of Emily Davison

1913 Derby Day
Suffragette Emily tried to stop the Kings Horse seen by royal family
Knocked down and skull fractured by the horses hooves
Died 3 days later without regaining consciousness
Made a martyr for her cause


What was the general strike?

May 3-12 1926
Britain's first and only general strike
Called by Trade Unions Congress (TUC) to support coal miners in North England, Scotland, Wales
Aim to force gov't to prevent mine owners reducing wages by 13% an since easing shifts from 7 to 8hrs


Quite from the general strike

Not a minute on the day, not a penny off the pay