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Why did the Nation of Islam disagree with the Vietnam War?

The Muslim group ‘The Nation of Islam’ (including Malcolm X) asked why black Americans should fight for a country which would not grant them equal rights.


Which famous member of the Nation of Islam refused to be drafted?

In 1966, Muhammad Ali refused to be drafted.


What were the consequences of refusing the draft for Muhammed Ali?

He was stripped of his world boxing title, his passport and banned from professional boxing.


What did Martin Luther King think of the Vietnam War?

In 1967, he spoke out against the war saying; ‘It costs half a million dollars to kill a Vietcong soldier; but we are only sending $53 on every poor American back at home.’


What racial discrepancies were there between black and white soldiers?

Black soldiers were more likely to be sent on active duty and twice as likely to be killed as white soldiers.


Which student resistance group was set up in 1960?

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)


How did many students demonstrate their resistance?

Students would often burn their draft cards.


What happened at Kent State in 1970?

4 students were shot dead by the National Guard during a peaceful campus protest.


What were some of the consequences of the Kent State shootings??

The killings sparked off 400 protests and strikes in yet more universities. When marches were attacked by police, it gave the movement more determination.


What did the students chant at president Johnson?

“Hey, hey, LBJ (Johnson), how many kids did you kill today?”


How many draft dodgers were there?

In total, 600,000 young men evaded the draft.


What made it easier for people to dodge the draft?

being at university, or having a lot of money


Who were some famous draft dodgers?

President Bill Clinton
President George W Bush
President Donald Trump


Who refused to fight on moral grounds?

pacifists, or conscientious objectors.


How many pacifists were there in the USA?



How did Vietnam veterans protest the Vietnam war?

- Many of them led marches, such as one with 500,000 people going to Washington in April 1971.
- The veterans who attended this march threw away a total of 700 medals as a symbol of protest.


What message did Veteran John Kerry spread?

He led the ‘Winter Soldier Investigation’ in 1971 which was where soldiers gave accounts of their real experiences in Vietnam – often they were horrifying. One soldier explained how they would regularly throw Vietnamese prisoners of war out of helicopters.