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What is Psychological Skills Training?

Systematic and consistent practice of mental or psychological skills for the purpose of enhancing performance, increasing enjoyment, or achieving greater sport or physical satisfaction


Why is PST often neglected?

-Lack of knowledge of it
-Misunderstanding about it
-Lack of Time
-Myths about PST


What kinds of myths exist about PST that lead it to be neglected?

-Problem athletes only?
-Elite only?
-Quick fix solution?
-Not Useful?


Why is PST important in improving performance?

Leads to:
-Higher confidence
-Greater self-regulation of arousal
-Better concentration and focus
-Positive thoughts and imagery
-More determination and commitment


What are the 4 phases of a PST program?



What is the education phase of PST?

Making the athlete aware of PST and its importance for improving performance


What is the acquisition phase of PST?

focusing on strategies and techniques for learning various psychological skills


What is the practice phase of PST?

-Automating psychological skills through overlearning
-teaching to systematically integrate psychological skills into performance situations
-simulating skills the athlete wants to apply in competition


What is the self-regulation phase of PST?

Endpoint of PST where the athlete can self regulate their internal functions without the help of a coach or sport psychologist


When is the best time to implement a PST program?

Offseason or preseason


Who should conduct PST?

Ideally a sport psychologist but coaches can be trained to do so


What are the stages of PST program development?

-Discussing approach
-Assess Athlete's mental skills
-Determine which psychological skills to train
-Design a schedule
-evaluate the program


What are the main measurements of psychological skills?

-Psychological Skills Inventory for Sports
-Athletic Coping Skills Inventory-28
-Test of Performance Strategies
-Ottowa Mental Skills Assessment Tool-3


What is Self-Talk?

The act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently