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What is Sport Confidence?

The degree of certainty possessed about the ability to be successful in sport generally


What is Self-Confidence?

A trait-like tendency to believe that we are capable of performing desired tasks successfully


what are the 7 benefits of increased self confidence/efficacy?

-Positive Emotions
-More Ambitious Goals
-Increased Effort
-'Play to Win' rather than 'Play to Not Lose'
-Generates positive psychological momentum
-Improves Performance


What are the two types of non-optimal levels of confidence?

- Lack of confidence causing anxiety and indecisiveness and lack of concentration
- Overconfidence causing lack of preparation or effort


What is the definition of Self-Efficacy?

A situation specific form of self-confidence (A 'State', where Self-confidence is a 'Trait')


How does having a weak sense of self-efficacy affect your behaviour, affect and cognition?

-Avoiding challenging tasks
-Belief that difficult tasks are beyond your capability
-Focus on personal failings and negative outcomes
-Quickly lose confidence in personal abilities


How does having a strong sense of self-efficacy affect your behaviour, cognition and affect?

-View challenging tasks as something to be mastered
-Develop deeper interest in the activities in which they participate
-Form strong sense of commitment to their interests and activities
-Recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments


Give a prioritised list of the 4 major sources of self-efficacy

-Mastery Experiences
-Social Modeling
-Social Persuasion
-Psychological States


What is a 'Mastery Experience' and how does it affect self-efficacy?

Performing a task successfully strengthens self efficacy, but failing a task can undermine self-efficacy


What ingredients must a mastery experience have to be most helpful for developing self-efficacy?

-Difficult Task
-Completed without External Help
-Infrequent experience of failure


What is Social Modelling and how is it a source of Self-Efficacy?

Witnessing other people successfully completing a task; 'If they can do it, so can I!'


What ingredients must a social modelling experience have to be most helpful for developing self-efficacy?

Model must be a similar person, and competent at the skill


What is social persuasion and how does it increase self-efficacy?

People can be persuaded to believe that they have the skill and capability to succeed, helping to overcome self doubt


What attributes must a persuader have to make social persuasion an effective method of improving self-efficacy?

They must be a trustworthy, credible source with prestige.


How can psychological states be maximised to improve self efficacy?

Positively interpret high levels of arousal, as readiness rather than fear. A challenge rather than a threat, etc.