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CBT (explanation)

- Indications for CBT
- Principles of therapy (hot cross bun, types of intervention)
- Structure of therapy (12-16 sessions, agree goals, homework, stages of therapy)
- Questions and leaflet


CBT (assess cognitive distortions)

- Clarify HPC
- Explore minimization and magnification errors
- Explore personalisation and labelling
- Explore selective abstraction, overgeneralization and dichotomous thinking


CBT (explain cognitive distortions)

- Clarify HPC
- Explain assessment
- Explain pharmacological management
- Explain psychological management
- Questions and leaflet


Desensitization for agoraphobia (explanation)

- Clarify diagnosis
- Explain pharmacological treatment
- Explain psychological treatment (SD)
- Explain structure of treatment (12-16 sessions, homework, relaxation/exposure)
- Questions and leaflet


ERP for OCD (explanation)

- Clarify diagnosis
- Explain pharmacological treatment
- Explain cognitive techniques
- Explain ERP
- Explain structure of treament (12-16 sessions, hour-long, homework)
- Questions and leaflet


Panic disorder (explanation)

- Explain diagnosis (symptoms)
- Explain pharmacological treatment
- Explain psycholotical treatment (relaxation, CBT)
- Questions and leaflets


Interpersonal therapy (assess suitability)

- Clarify HPC (including severity)
- Identify recent grief
- Identify interpersonal disputes
- Identify role transitions
- Identify interpersonal role deficits (confidants, relationships with family/friends)
- Explain structure of IPT (16-20 sessions, use of role-play, recognize IP needs and think about communication with others)


Request to discontinue therapy

- Explore patient factors for discontinuation (symptoms, life changes, time, money)
- Explore therapist factors (competence, rapport)
- Identify core problems
- Explanation of transference
- Address other concerns (advise to speak to therapist, effect on future relationships)