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LD Challenging behaviour (history)

- Clarify HPC (onset, duration, baseline, aggression, response)
- Screen for psych disorders (mood, sleep, appetite, enjoyment, hallucinations, delusional)
- Screen for medical illness (PMHx, medication changes, recent illness)
- Environmental changes (environment, staff, residents, visitors, routine)


Dementia in Downs syndrome (history)

- Clarify HPC (onset, duration)
- Explore memory difficulties (short-term, long-term)
- Orientation (day/dates, confused, recognizing people)
- Communication (word-finding, understanding, identify objects)
- Functioning (dressing, washing, toileting, walking, money, shopping, food, transportation)
- PMHx and risk factors (head injury, low mood)
- Other psych disorders (mood, enjoyment, sleep, appetite, abnormal behaviour)
- Risk (wandering, getting lost, fire, flooding, exploitation, abuse, aggression, self-injury).


Depression in LD (history)

- Clarify HPC (onset, duration)
- Core features of depression (1-10, tearful, enjoyment)
- Biological symptoms (Energy, sleep, EMW, appetite)
- Other symptoms (concentration, self-worth, guilt, psychotic features)
- Past psych history, PMHx, medications
- Risk


Temporal lobe epilepsy (history)

- Clarify HPC (onset, duration)
- Pre-ictal phase (vacant, visual disturbance, unresponsive, involuntary movements)
- Ictal phase (duration, LOC, movements, continence)
- Post-ictal phase (confusion, sleepiness, memory, headache)
- PMHx (medication, conditions, substances, FHx)


Pregnancy/parenthood in LD (d/w family)

- Clarify HPC
- Parenting concerns (Baseline functioning, work)
- Explain role of social services (assessment, support, care)
- Sterilization (consent and capacity)
- LD in child (family history, genetic testing, aetiology of LD, antenatal care)


Abuse in LD (history)

- Clarify HPC (onset, duration, course)
- Explore social circumstances (family relationships, frequency of visits, bruising etc)
- Psych screen (mood, enjoyment, sleep, appetite, aggression, easily startled, abnormal behaviour)
- Med screen (PMHx, meds, seizures, new Sx)
- Baseline skills (communication, ADLs, other residents)