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What is the first thing you ask when you see something of question? Followed by...,...,....

Are you aware of this?
Have you seen a MD?
If yes, how long ago?
How it changed since then?

So you need to npbe aware and see if it has been seen by someone well versed in this area and if it has been changed to warrant further investigation.


What is a special way to wear gloves for TB?

Double gloves, one is removed in the room and one pair is removed outside the room.


Difference between primary and secondary legion of the skin?

The primary issomething that grows on the skin and the secondary is something that happens to the skin to cause it damage.


Difference between rashes and frowths?

Rashesa re temporary and growthsa re permanant, they can be malgnanat and benign, and hopefuly they are benign, and then hopeful they can be removed, to not become malignant, and maybe for cosmetic reasons, and they sometimes go away, maybe.


When would pain and rashes be less of a concern?

When the rash did not cause the pain, it would be less of a concern, but if the rash caused, meaning, that they cam etogether, then it is more of a concern.

Seasonal rashes do not, usually, cause pain to come along with it.


Contact rash is?

Contact dermatitis is when something comes in contact with the skin and causes a reaction.

You might see an image imprinted on the skin,


Contact dermatitis!


Rash in a specific dermatome?

Herpes zoster


When assessing the skin, what arew e to be looking for?

There was the hand shake idea that I did say... But here it is different.

Because we are not interested in functional use but just at the skin, so we habpve the sight, the color, the identification if rashes, legions, growths, and skin color change, then


What can cause localized temperature change?

Inflammmation and hyperthyroidism


What do you do for temperature?

Check it with other body parts, to see if it is indeed ijcreased or not, or maybe to check if it is system or it is localized, because you see that the person is warm, because they are much warmer than you, and so we need to vkpheck multiple spots to just make sure to see if it is indeed only that one spot or it is systemic.


What are possible causes of pallor?

Albinism (albino)
Chronic GI bleed
Lack of sunlight
Internal bleeding


What are possible causes of cyanosis?

High blood iron level, which also causes the skin to become gray
Cold exposure, like cold blue water
Vasomotor instability, so that there is lack of oxygen to the tissues
CHF, Advanced Lung Disease, Venous obstruction Lack of oxygen.


What are possible causes of jaundice?

Liver disease
Gallstone blockage of bile duct
Ingestion of food high in carotene and vitamin A


• Those with dark skin require a slightly diffapproach
• Observe for any obvious changes in the

palms of the hand and soles of the feet; tongue, lips,and gums in the mouth, and in the sclera and conjunctive of the eyes
All the areas that are of lighter color so any further pigmentation will be able to become more noticable.


Cirhossis of the liver causes what to the nail bed?

That it becomes very white, more than 2/3 of the nail bed becomes white.


Half and half nails are an indication of

Kidney failure.


Mee lines

Arsenic, kidney, pnemonia, and cardiac issues.


Beau's lines,

By kindney



Half and half
Mee lines
Beau lines


Predominant reason for skin cancer?

Sun exposure


ABCDE of skin check up?

Assymetry, is it a morror image of itself half way
Border, jagged or smooth
Color, one color or multicolor
Dimension, less or more than 6mm
Evolving, is it spreading or is it not spreading


Sqaumous cell bs Basal cell carcinoma?

They are very similar, but the basal cell has a depression, that it is like a base, but the squamous cell is with a crusty top,


The incision site after a cancer removal must be..

Checked, I guess even more important than a usualy Dry, Clean,&Intact is this incision if a cancer.


If the Pt is reliable a d they say that they have had this growth for a while and it has not changeda nd that they have indeed seen a doctor about it and the doctor hass igned them off as okay, are they okay?



For the first 48 hours what is the exudate of a wound like?



After bloody what will the exudate of a incision look like?

Serous-sangopuous and then sanguous, so pink to white.


Mobility and turgor

The ability of the skin to moved and
subsequently return to its resting state


Decrease mobility may indicate

– Edema (most common)
– Collagen diseases
– Deyhdration
– Part of the aging process


What is Vitiligo?

• A lack of pigmentation from melanocyte
• Can occur, but occurs primarily to skin
exposed areas
• May be hereditary and have no significance orcan be caused by hyperthyroidism, stomach
cancer, pernicious anemia, DM or auto
immune disease


Can radiation cause vitiligo?



What is Café-Au-Lait spot?

Spots describe the light brown macules (flatlesion, different in color) on the skin
• May be associated with neurofibromatosis
(affects bone, soft tissue, and skin)
– Dx when pw with 5 or more of these skin
lesions or if any single patch is greater than
1.5cm in diameter



It says hidro like hydro, it has to do with water, that there is itchiness and scratchiness when the skin gets wet.



unknown etiology often accompanies asthma and hayfever


A novel new understanding in how arthritis can be contracted?

Viral, bacterial, or sepsis.

That it gets in there and causes an inflammation of the joint.


Viral causes for skin rash?

Pox of the chicken, shingles, and measles.


Systemic condition of rash?

Meningitis, hives


Kin rash with parasites?

What can itxh with paraistes? Lice and acabies.


And the general idea that there are chemicals that can cause itching.



Can Medications cause rashes? If yes, then how long would they take to for,?

6-8 weeks


Hemorrhagic rash

Occurs when small capillaries under the skin start to bleed forming tiny blood spots underthe skin (petechiae)


What kinds of rashes do disappear with pressure and what kinds of rashes do nit disappear?

Allergic or viral, something that is floating there in the blood, something that can be pushed away, will be able to be made clear with pressure, but hemorraghic rashes, the ones that are there because of blood vessels that rupture, now these do not just unrupture sonthey will not clear up with pressure.


Herpes Virus • Two types; HSV1
and HSV2

HSV1, pw with coldsores above the
waistline (face or
• HSV2, pw with coldsore below the
waist line


What are some problems that herpes zoster can present with?

Complications include CN dysfunction and will affecthearing and vision loss

Or may develop Postherpatic
neuralgia (PHN)
• Pain persists months, sometime yearafter the shingles rash has healed

Infection to anyone who has
had not had chickenpox. A
person who had chickenpox,
can get shingles if
immunocompromised (chemo,HIV infection, stress)


Tinea Pedis

Atheltes Foot
• Fungal
• Typically between the toes
• Erythema, inflammation, pruritus, itching andpain
• Treated with antifungal creams


Discoid Lupus

– Affects only skin
– Flare ups with sun
– Leisons may cause
atrophy, permanent
scarring, hypo/hyperpigmentation


• Systemic Lupus

• Systemic Lupus
– Chronic
– Systemic inflammatory
d/o affecting multiple
organ systems including
skin, joints, kidney, heartNS
– Affects young women
– (+) constitutional
– Butterfly rash