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What are two Clinical Practice Guidelines we use in this class?

VA / Department of Defense

CARF (rehab hospital accreditation)


What are the two goals for the two clinical practice guidelines?

1. Evidence Based Practice
2. Objective testing as part of standardized practice


What are the 3 overall course objectives for students in this class?

DEFINE a clinical guideline
Identify the stages of Recovery following amputation based n the VA guideline
Discuss the clinical use of a guideline and its limitations


What is a clinical practice guideline?

Outline (general, non-detailed) of the typical pathway recovery for a given diagnosis follows. A COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT of the strength of evidence for the interventions for various stages of recovery (not an exhaustive list). A resource for ALL DISCIPLINES involved in an individual's recovery


What are two things a clinical practice guideline is not?

A detailed, prescribed treatment plan for the management of a given patient with a given diagnosis. Or an exhaustive and all-inclusive list of all possible treatments for a given diagnosis.


What are the 5 Stages of Amputee/Prosthesis management?

1. Pre-operative management
2. Acute post-operative management
3. Pre-prosthetic management
4. Prosthetic training
5. Long-term follow-up


What are the 12 Components of Management?

Medical Co-Morbidities
Behavioral Health/Psychological
Cognitive Function
Residual Limb
Patient Education
Discharge planning
Rehabilitation intervention
Functional Activities/ADLs
Community Integration