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Points of context structure of the mssge!

1. Drama- everyone likes good story
2. Statistics- convey objectivity, since and importance in credible way
3. Surveys&Polls (show someone is first)
4. Examples
5. Testimonials- explicit or implied (statement by who actually used product)
6. Endorsements- celebrity, or 3rd party endorsements
7. Emotional appeal- ex: fund raising appeals


Persuasive techniques

1. Yes- yes (pattern of "yes" answers)
2. Offer structured choice )choose btwn A or B)
3. Seek partial commitment
4. Ask for more/ settle for less



1.Plain folks(humble beginnings)
2. Testimonial(expert or celebrity for credibility)
3. Bandwagon("everyone" wants it, or it has "overwhelming case on 1 side of the issue, while concealing the other side)
4. Transfer(associate the person, product or org with someone that has high status, visibility or credibility)
5. Glittering generalities (associate a cause, product or idea with favorable abstractions such as freedom, justice, democracy n American way) ***eagle***