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What are public order crimes in three points?

-may be regarded as victimless crimes
-violates the prevailing moral rules
-prohibit the sale and distribution of selected goods and services.


What are moral entrepreneurs?

Person who creates moral rules to reflect values of those in power.


What are politicians, scientists, religious institution, media and commercial enterprise ?

Moral entrepreneurs


Name three reasons why it is hard to control sex for profit?

Laws are difficult to write.
Laws are difficult to enforce.
Technology increases the ability to disseminate and communicate.


Define prostitution

The consensual act of sex for money established by mutual agreement of the prostitution, their client and their employer


Name the 6 types of prostitutes

Street workers
Bar girls
Brothel workers
Call girls
Escort services/call houses
Circuit travelers


Describe street workers

- prostitutes who work the street in plain sight of police and citizens
- considered the least attractive women. Lowest paid. Most vulnerable in the profession.
- wear bright cloths, makeup jewellery to attract customers
-take customers to hotels
-have higher incidence of drug abuse and survival sex work
-many are young runaways escaping abuse


Define bar girls

-spend time in bars, drinking and waiting to be picked up by customers.
-usually work out arrangement with bartender to be served water with dye or tea.
-commonly found in towns with military bases and large transient population


Describe. Brothel workers

Brothels flourishes in 19th early 20th century
Large establishement usually run by madams
Madam employs prostitutes, supervises behaviour
Brothel devil ones in importance after wwii


Describe call girls

Aristocrat of prpstitutes
Charge up to 1500/night
Some employed in escort services, others are independent
Many come up middle class bachgrounss and service upper class customers
Concentrate on making clients feel important attractive
Significant risk by being along unprotected with customer


Describe escort services/call houses

Some escort services front prostitution rings.
Clients can respond to internet adds or adds in yellow pages.


Describe circuit travelers

Move around in groups of 2-3 to lumbar, labour, agriculture camps.
They ask foreman for persmission to ply their trade, service whole crew in one evening, then move on.
Some young girls forced to become circuit travellers by their pimps
Some circuits travellers seek clients as truck stops rest areas


What are factors that could lead to becoming a prostitute

Troubles families
Conflict with school
Drug abuse
Desire for money
Dislike of discipline odntraditional work
Few are coerced into prostitution


What is typical in the background of a street prostitute

Dysfunctional family.
Violent abuse
(82% girls, 100% guys)
Conflicts with school authorities and poor grades
Drug abuse


Why is the typical motivation to becomes a prostitute

Desire for money, luxuries, drugs
Initiated by family member or bf.
Few are coerced into prostitution


What are the conflicting feminist views on prostitution?

Sexual equality (victim of male donination )
Free choice view ( if freely chosen expresses equality)