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What is deviance?

Deviance is the violation of norms that a society agrees upon


Name four characteristics of deviance

-deviance is linked to time
-deviance is linked to cultural values
-deviance is a cultural universal
-deviance is a social construct


Define crime

Crime is an act that violates criminal law and is punishable with fines, jail fine and other sanctions


Define social control

Systematic practices develppped by social groups to encourage conformity and to discourage deviance.


What are the 3 interacting variables in john hagan’s typology of deviance and crime ?

-evaluation of harm
-agreement about the norm
-severity of societal response


In what category do murder, rape and robbery fit into?

Consensus crimes


In what category do pornographers, prostitution and illegal drug use fall into?

Conflict crimes


In what category does alcoholism and mental illness fall into?

Social deviations


In what category do body piercings and cross dressing fall under?

Social diversions


What are the basic assumptions in consensus?

1 people agree on what is repugnant
2 the law is fair and impartial
3 people are treated fairly under the law
4 consensus view points predominate in North America criminology


What are the basic assumptions in conflict ?

Laws reflect the power and economic structure of society

Focus should be on the crimes of the rich and powerful.


What are the basic assumptions under the interactionist?

Laws are constantly changing

Being labelled deviant may promote further deviance

Focus is on the process of deviance and changing definitions.


What is the conflict view?

Law is a tool for ruling
Crime is politically defined
Real crimes are not defined
Law controls the underclass


What is the consensus view ?

Law defines crime
Agreement exists
Laws apply to all


What is the interactionist view

Moral entrepreneurs define crime
Crimes are socially defined
Labels transform lives


What iscriminology?

The body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon. Includes the process of making laws of breaking laws and of reacting to the breaking of laws. The objective of criminology is the development of a body of general and verified principles and other types of knowledge regarding this process of law crimes and treatememt


Describe criminology in theee statements

Studies criminal behaviour
Usua methods of established social science
Is interdisciplinary


Name the six codes of law mentioned on the development of law.

Code of hammourabi
Early roman law
Common law
Magma carta
The Canadian constitution
Natural law


What is the general purpose of the law?

Channels and constraints human behaviour

Regulates the flow of human interaction

Maintains values and upholds establishes patterns of social privilege

Supports social order


What is the purpose of the law in social engineering ?

Roscoe pounds Kursk postulates states that laws are the product of shared social needs experiences by the majority of members in the society when they arise


What is the purpose of the law in social conflict ?

Law is the fool of powerful individuals and groups acting in their own interest.


Define public law

That area of law that regulates the functioning of the state and the relationship between the state and the individuals in society


Define constitutional law

The branch of law that outlines the obligations and practices of the various levels of government and the rights of the individual as against the government


Define criminal law

The branch of modern law which concerns itself with offences committed against society members thereof, their property and the social order.


Define private law

That portion of modern law that regulates contracts and other obligations involving primarily personal interest.


Key points of criminal law (6)

•public offence
•may result in fines and improsonment
•the govt imitates action
•govt does not appeal
•fines go to the state
•guilt must be beyond a reasonable doubt


Key points of private law

•private wrong
• financial compensation only
•victim initiates action
•both parties may appeal
•victim receives compensation
•guild is based on balance of probabilities