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What are the four basic premises of socialisation and crime?

- everyone has the potential to become a criminal
- criminality is a function of individual socialisation
-crime is not limited to the poor and under-class
-we need to examine the agents of socialisation such as family, school, peer groups and religion


Name the four social insitutions in social process theories

Family relations, educational experience, peer relations and institutional involvement


List 8 family relation issues that could lead to socialisation of crime

- conflict and tension
- separation and divorce
-single parenthood
-inconsistent discipline
-parent-child relations
-parental mental health problems
-drug abuse
-child abuse and neglect


Give examples of educational experience which could influence socialised crime

-dropping out
-poor academic achievement
-“streaming” or tracking


Give three examples of peer relations which could influence socialised crime

-acceptance and popularity effect
-falling in with a bad crowd
-antisocial friends


List institutional involvement and belief that can influence

-religious beliefs and values
-religious participation
-evidence of impact on criminal behaviour is mixed


What are the three theories that are effects of socialisation on crime ?

Social learning theory
Social control theory
Social reaction theory


What theory looks at “crime learned through interaction with criminal peers” ?

Social learning theory


Who came up with social learning

Edwin h. Sutherland (1883-1950)


Research shows that differential associations is related to :

Violent behaviour
Substance abuse and drug trade
Career patterns of crime


What is differential reinforcement theory ?

Combined differential association theory with operant conditioning.
-deviant behaviour starts as imitation
-maintained through reinforcement
-weakened through punishment


What are the main influences in differential reinforcement theory ?

Groups that control reinforcement abd punishment


Describe social control theory

Criminal tendencies are controlled by bonds to society


Social reaction theory.....?

Criminality is result of labelling by significant other means.