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How did the patient presents with Asthma? What are the pertainant findings in Physical Examination?

Short of breath, exposure to trigger and wheezing; Hyperresonant, prolonged expiration, nasal polyps


How is Asthma diagnosed?

Pulmonary function test. FEV1/FVC decrease but reversible with bronchodilators. If normal, induced with methacholine Challenge (FEV1 decreased by 20%)


What are the ICS?

Beclomethasone, Fluticasone, Budesonide


What is done as a first step for asthma exacerbation? What should not be done for exacerbation?

X-ray to rule out something else. Then peak flow (PEFR); PFTs


How is asthma classified?

Intermittent, persistent (mild, moderate, severe), refractory


When should a patient with asthma exacerbation be intubated?

When they start wheezing, decreased lung sounds, respiratory acidosis due to increasing CO2


What is the first step in a patient who you suspect has lung cancer?

CXR If a tumor mass is obviously present then use the CT scan to localize it then Biopsy


If a biopsy is already done and it is positive what should be done next?

Stage with PET-CT Scan


After biopsy and staging what should be done?

PFT to see if patient is can tolerate surgery


How will the patient presented with carcinoid tumor?

Wheezing, diarrhea, flushing


How will the patient will pleural effusion present?

Exertional dyspnea and Orthopnea; Finding Pleural effusion on accident on x-ray


What is the best way to diagnose pleural effusion?

Biopsy, Gram stain, cytology


What is the treatment for pulmonary embolism?

IVF, O2, Anticoagulation


When is TPA used in PE?

In massive PE, hypertension


If the well’s criteria is less than 2, what should be done to completely rule out pulmonary embolism?

D dimer


When should a V/Q scan be done to diagnose pulmonary embolism?

If CT scan with contrast is contraindicated or the wells criteria is greater than six