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the pulp is highly vascularised with rich nerve supply AND blood supply. how are arterioles arranged in pulp

run longitudinally through root canals, branch into periphery


how are the capillaries arranged in pulp

a network sits beneath and within odontoblasts
DO NOT enter the dentinal tubules
supply o2/nutrients during dentinogensis


how are the nerves arranged in the pulp

centrally in pulp, close association with blood vesseks


what is the effect of age on the pulp size

shrinks with age as more dentine laid down


in the crown there is a nerve plexus beneath the odontoblasts. what is it called

raschkow's plexus


which cell forms the bulk of pulpal tissue



why is dentine sensitive when exposed causing pain

3 theories:
- stimulation of nerves innervating the tubules
-odontoblasts act as receptors (embryological origin)
-hydrodynamic theory


what is the hydrodynamic theory

all the stimuli trigger a fluid flow within the dentinal tubule
this stimulates the free nerve endings between the odontoblasts and within the tubules


why is the hydrodynamic theory favoured

1. the most sensitive region of dentine is the outer dentine under enamel/cementum
2. deciduous teeth have fewer axons but same sensitive
3. sensitivity returns when the odontoblast layer is innervated even when there is no nerves in tubules
4. no evidence for synapses between odontoblasts and adjacent nerve fibres...odontoblasts cannot act as sensory receptors therefore
5. when you occlude the tubules, sensitivity is removed


how does anti-sensitivity toothpaste work

deposits mineral within the dentinal tubules which reduces fluid flow and therefore stimulation of the nerve endings in the odontoblast layer


what are denticles

mineralised pulp stones. complicate endodontic treatment

as age increases, more denticles


what is the difference between true and false denticles

true denticles= formed by odontoblast-like cells, found in tubules
false denitcles= NOT found in dentinal tubules