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Who is Blind Alfread Read? What genre is his music considered as?

He is the artist that sang "The wreck of the virginian" and his music comprises of Ballads


What are some key aspects of the Ballad Genre?

Ballads are known to tell a story, and also be homophonic sounding, meaning that the guitar and voice follow each other.


What is Strophic Form?

It is when a song is divided by stops and starts of strophe and each strophe is defined by melody or lyrics


Who is Robert Johnson? What genre is his music considered as?

Robert Johnson is the artist that sang "Me and the Devil Blues", his music is considered Delta Blues


What are some factors that influenced Delta Blues and the way it was written?

Racial categories and racism (Jim Crowe Laws), The afro-influences from the slave trade and Caribbean, Migrant lifestyle


What is the Floating Pool of Verses?

In many Delta Blues songs, artists used the same verses (like the eagle flies on friday), but were known to give a song that extra 10% which made it unique


What is the 12 Bar Blues Form?

In a 12 Bar blues form, the voice and guitar do a call and response, and the chord progression goes on a scale from 1,4,1,5,4


What is Tin Pan Alley Pop?

Tin Pan Alley Pop was mass produced music that originated in an area of New York


What were the goals of TPA pop?

The goals of TPA pop were to create a mass produced sound and get it out to the masses


What arose out of TPA pop (within the industry)?

Professionalization of various roles became popular in the era of TPA pop. One could live completely off of composing, writing or performing music.


What song was mentioned in Class as an example of TPA pop?

Judy Garland - Somewhere over the rainbow


What musical Form arose from TPA pop?

The 32-bar Chorus form (AABA)


Where did some recording companies in the TPA pop era find their artists?

It was typical for record companies to just put out adverts that would allow musicians from a local area to be recorded - then whoever succeeded would become professionals

Ex: The Carter Family in the Bristol Sessions


How was folk music commercialized?

Became popular country music - old time sound with new time composition


What is R+B and what are some elements of this genre?

Music was generally in 12-bar Blues form, accompaniments built on riffs, Shouting vocal style


R+B had the most influence on what other Genre of music?

Rock and Roll, which was essentially white R+B


Who performed a 'Rock and Roll' tune before Elvis Presley?

Bill Haley performed Rock around the Clock in 1954 which was before Elvis


What was a major difference between Indie labels and large recording companies?

Indie labels only had distribution in local areas unless they had a huge hit then they would work out a national distribution deal


What technological advance changed the amount of music that people (especially younger individuals) were listening to?

The invention of the Transistor, made radios portable and compact, so everyone could listen to new music


Who was Alan Freed?

He was a DJ out of Cleveland who, in the early 50s, began to air a lot of R+B and changed the name of his radio show to the "Moondog's Rock and Roll Party"


Who was Sam Philips?

Sam Philips started the Memphis Recording Service which did vanity recordings and recordings under licence with other major record companies (recorded some of the greats like B.B. King). His label changed to the name of Sun Records, and He discovered Elvis Presley


True or False, the "thats all right (momma)" recording was planned precisely?

False, It was spontaneous. Elvis started playing it and the band Joined in.


What was Elvis' style of music known as?

It came to be known as Rockabilly, with R+B and Country roots


What other artist had a similar style to elvis?

Chuck Berry's music had similar style but had faster guitar and real percussion


What were some of the factors of the Downfall of the first wave of Rock and Roll?

Elvis was drafted to the Army, Jerry-Lee Lewis was in a scandal when he married his cousin, Chuck Berry went to jail, and others.

Independent Radio stations became pushed out by Top-40 stations

The Payola Hearings - Use by indie labels to get radio play

Teen Idols


What were most Teen idols popular for in the mid to late 50s?

Most Teen Idols were known for covers


Who was the first producer to use a new method of recording?

Phil Spector did not just mechanically record a performance, but helped to construct it and also shape the sound through their choices about how to record.


What style was also popular in the 1940s?

Doo Wop Groups