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How did we synthesize acetaminophen? What was the structure and name of the reactants/products? What was the mole ratio?

P-aminophenol (HO-Ph-NH2) + acetic anhydride (C-(C=O)-O-(C=O)-C) ->
acetaminophen (OH-Ph-NH-(C=O)-C) + Formic Acid (Most basic carboxylic acid)

1:1mole ratio


How do you calculate theoretical yield?

grams reactant->mole reactants * mole ratio product/reactant * molar mass product


How do you calculate percent yield?

(actual yield/theoretical yield) *100


How do you calculate percent error?

((theoretical-actual)/ (theoretical)) *100


Reading the Rf plate, which was more polar, the reactant or the product? How do you know?

The acetaminophen was more polar than the p-aminophenol, it had a lower Rf


What was the first step of the synthesis write out and the half cell balance?

p-nitrophenol -NaBH4> p-aminophenol -(acetic anhydride)> acetaminophen