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the visible reddish portion of each lip

mucous membranes


the tiny, dipping fullness on the midline of the upper mucous membrane

medial lobe


the slit formed by contact of the free margins of the upper and lower mucous membrane; has the form of a classic hunting bow

line of closure


the line of color difference on each mucous membrane which the exposed (dry) part forms with the internal (moistened) part in normal contact; not visible when the lips are closed

weather line


the skin part of the lip, extending superiorly and laterally from the attached (color) margin of the mucous membrane

upper integumentary lip


the small angular area between the wing of the nose and the cheek (nasolabial fold)

nasal sulcus


the shallow vertical groove on the midline of the upper integumentary lip between the column nasi and the upper mucous membrane



the skin part of the lip receding inferiorly from the attached (color) margin of the lower mucous membrane to the top and side of the chin

lower integumentary lip


the juncture of the lower integumentary lip and top of the chin; may exhibit a furrow

labiomental sulcus


the central and two lateral surface places of each integumentary lip and mucous membrane; bilaterally repeat the horseshoe curvature of underlying structures

surface planes


the oblique eminence; caused by muscles at each end of the line of closure; begins on the upper integumentary lip , medial to the corner

angulus oris eminence


the small groove in the angels oris eminence at its juncture with the end of the line of closure

angulus oris sulcus


the fine linear tracings running vertically on the mucous membranes

vertical lines


the furrows of age, extending vertically on the mucous membranes and integumentary lips

labial sulci