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scapegoats chapter 10

“not comfortable in my company”
“testing my allegiances” “picked on women who were not her cousins”
“a fiddle, Satan’s instrument”


witchery chapter 10

“can be tempted by a sorceress, beguiled by her even – but witches? No, their crafts are uglier and heavier”
“one-word Witchery has licensed the Jordan sidemen to do precisely what they want”


Power chapter 10

“stirring circumstance of being entirely in charge for once”
“taking turns until they were entirely satisfied”


women chapter 10

“the captured women have endured a night of punishments”
“would not want to go without an old friend in her bed”


mob mentality chapter 11

“yes, we; I still say we”
“as tense and volatile as wasps”
“a second blow topples me”
“pruning blade… widening the victim’s quipping mouth”


community chapter 11

“the cows are protesting… heavy with milk”
“swelling crowd at Gervase Carr’s shoulder”
"free at last"


Power chapter 11

“she’ll burn very nicely with those other sorcerers”


immigrants chapter 11

“robbed of their spirits and their futures, as well as of their fields”

“their smoke will give them liberty to stay”


Individual chapter 11

"my loneliness is evident in empty cottages and wasted seed"


Jordan chapter 12

“the meek shall inherit the world!”
“would not want to see your other cheek as scarred”


Walter chapter 12

“lay my hand on Charles Kent’s elbow. This is my show of loyalty”


Kent chapter 12

“two grey heads, swirling in a lover’s dance”


Walt chapter 13

“want him to see the bruises on my own face”
“I can’t deny it’s cowardly”


Lizzie Carr chapter 13

“like chaff herself… hollowed out and terrified”


Kent chapter 13

“this land… has always been much older than ourselves”
“their hats betray their standing”


Pageant chapter 13

“I can imagine being MK’s town man again”
“I hold my nerve and let them go forward without me”


Nature chapter 13

“I’ll let them suffer from our fruits”
“The year is already leaving us. As are the swallows”


Mr Quill chapter 14

"heroic innocent"


M Beldam chapter 14

“she is luring him”
“I try to make the cloth show mauve. It will not oblige”
“I stroke myself with it and her”
“roaming like a living ghost… she’s haunting us”


Walt chapter 14

“I should have got out of here as soon as Cecily died. I never could prove brave or blond enough to stay”
“I do not feel I’ve earned this disrespect”
“this is happiness”


Outsiders chapter 14

“neck is swollen with insect bites and red with sores”
“he must have been a ploughman in the past”


Farming chapter 14

“our oxen lead an easy life”
“can’t be bothered to protest”
“mark my revenge, my country-man’s revenge”


Walter chapter 15

“surely I deserved their company”
"I sorely needed fellowship”
“my arms are folded at my back like wings”


Alcohol chapter 15

“do not need drink to make me lecherous, or obdurate, or even barking mad”
“I invented visitors”
“you really haven’t done enough”


M Beldam chapter 15

“couldn’t let her father rest without a stone memorial”


Mushrooms chapter 15

“the fairy caps have set our lives alight”
“the man who always hesitates”
“a standing twin, who came to rescue me”


Delusion chapter 16

“there is no proof, but I am determined” “wonder if this has been her plan all along, to lure me”


Justice chapter 16

“a man takes vengeance on the flesh; a woman lashes out at anything that cannot bleed”
“pillory as dead as mutton at his feet”


Decay chapter 16

“my ankles caught in splintered, wormy wood”
“painted child’s cot”
“run through with great force and commitment”
“Turd and Turf to join the other corpses of the week”


Fire chapter 16

“what starts with fire will end with fire” “touch them with this candle flame and they will leap with fire”