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community chapter 1

“we can smell and taste the straw”
“no magistrate or constable”
“reap and gossip” “village dismayingly short of unmarried women” “these fields are far from anywhere”


mushrooms chapter 1

“wish I’d had the courage since” “moonball”


outsider chapter 1

“might scratch us too”
“This first smoke has given them the right to stay. We’ll see”


Master kent chapter 1

“He’d always taken care of us. we’d always taken care of him”


Walter Thirsk chapter 1

“not the only one who elects to hold his tongue”
“too damaged to be raised”


Master Kent chapter 2

“we are they oxen to his halter”
“yet to show his presence and authority”


Outsiders Chapter 2

“I count myself amongst those aliens”
“why should we share with strangers?”
“we have tenancy to spare”
“to touch a stranger’s flesh is dangerous”


Community chapter 2

“just like rooks we have begun to sound and look the same”
“not hurtful people”


Scapegoating chapter 2

“this dove had dark feathers, short bones and a yellow beak”


mob mentality chapter 2

“strike the dwelling on it’s roof”
“so I’m told, the mood was murderous”
“blood was marking her cheeks, like tears”


Mr Quill chapter 2

“for such a malformed man, showed the greatest bravery”


Women chapter 2

“a woman of her kind could not posses a shawl such as that without first stealing it”
“seasoned and experienced”
“they surveyed her hoof, horn and tail”
“the local women were like land – fenced in, assigned and spoken for”


punishment chapter 2

“one week, disarmed and bald? A modest punishment”
“her phlegm reached willowjack”


Punishment chapter 3

“hold the spitting woman to the ground and scissor her”
“our pillory has not been used for many years”
“the older man has already endured the most part of the day on tiptoe. Surely he can tolerate the night”


community chapter 3

“cherishes the fellowship we provide” “Master Kent conducts our marriages and baptisms”
“there is wanting in the air, and sorcery”


Religion chapter 3

“It’s been our village cross”
“we are at His fingertips”
“He makes us pay the penalty of Adam”


Progress chapter 3

“with your willing, kind consents – an organisation to all of our advantages”
“the sheaf is giving way to sheep”


Mistress Beldam chapter 3

“we’ve found our gleaning queen”
“asking us to witness what we have done”
“since seeing her in shaven silhouette I feel as if I have been feeding on Brooker Higgs’s fairy caps”
"spend a night alone and unprotected from its dangers”


Walter Thirsk chapter 3

“I recognise my… lack of courage and honesty” “I’d build that church gate right away”
“I should not be numbered amongst their accusers”
“I have to guard my wound"


Walter Thirsk chapter 4

"comic pair; the stumbler and the beggar”
“without my Cecily, my labour has no love in it. It’s only dutiful”
“I let my damaged hand hang loose on show” “recognised an opportunity in him”


Master Kent chapter 4

“arrives in his cheerful hat and drives my troubled dreams away” “obsequies and intercessions for the dead”


Lizzie Carr chapter 4

“not five years old” “green sash from his hat”
“own sister has already pinched and hurt her leg”


Community chapter 4

“only those who had been cradled in this place could endure it’s agonies”


Mr Quill chapter 4

“put bright names to them”
“mark them down in ink”


Jordan chapter 5

“long doublet so hard quilted that it stiffens him”
“considers the chart maker a fool”


Death chapter 5

“mutilated corpse” “black with blood”
“grinning white of bone”


Justice chapter 5

“I prayed myself, a rare event”
“a mighty storm of reckoning was on its way”
“so far from civil practice”
“I’m not the only one who will blame himself”


Widow Gosse Chapter 6

“my feelings for the widow Gosse are only physical”
“lusty appetite”
“her creamy stomach sways and frowns like a shaken posset”


Cecily chapter 6

"my little thrush of a wife"


Walter Thirsk chapter 6

“town owl… all hoot and no talons”
“I’m handsome even”
“I must plan provision for myself”