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What is what is dysarthria ?

Motor speech disorder, results from impaired movement of the muscles used for speech production. The severity depends on which area of the nervous system is affected


What is apraxia ?

A person who's brain can't make "plans" on how to use their speech muscles. The muscles aren't weak & the patient knows what to say, but their motor planning isn't functioning correctly


What is Wernicke's aphasia ?

•Have serious comprehension issues
• often say words that don't make sense
• talk in jargon and fail to realize they are saying the words wrong
• may string together a series of words that sound like sentences but don't make sense


What is Broca's aphasia ?

• injury to the left frontal area of the brain
• difficulty forming complete sentences
• may get out basic words
• often say things that don't resemble a sentence
• can have trouble understanding sentences
• can make mistakes In following directions (under, above, left, right)