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What does CSR stand for?

Corporate Social Responsibility


What is the aim of CSR?

A concept which encourages business enterprises to give something back to society
-contributing to sustainable development


Give some examples of CSR

Sponsorships - think of DHL courier services, they are the main sponsor for the Stormers rugby team


What does RDP stand for?

Reconstruction and Development Programme


What is RDP?

-Strategy for economic growth and development
-To build a better South Africa by fighting poverty and inequality


What is the aim of RDP

-meeting the basic needs of South Africans e.g. housing, water, electricity, food
-development of Human Resources e.g. Education, training, and skills development
-Building the economy e.g. focusing on the strengths of the economy
-democratization of the state and society e.g. everyone participate in the economy of our land


Name some of the successes of the RDP

-Providing many rural areas with running water
-Free health care provided
-over a million electrical connections have been made


Name some of the failures of the RDP

-Slow in providing housing to the poor
-Problems with land reform


What is Cash purchasing?

-Takes place when the goods are paid at the same time it is taken from the store
-Notes, coins, cheques, debit cards, internet transfers


What is Credit purchasing?

-Takes place when goods are sold now, but only paid for in the future
-credit cards, credit on account, credit on instalment sale


What are the advantages of Credit purchasing?

-no problems with outstanding debts
-no accounts to be sent to debtors
-qualify for cash discount


What are the advantages of cash purchasing?

-Credit traders charge more for their goods because they have to wait for payment
-enables consumers to buy goods now and pay laer


What is the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (law in SA)

-Sick leave
-Annual leave
-Family responsibility leave
-Working hours
-Notice of termination of employment


What is the Employment Equity Act (law in SA)

-To eliminate unfair discrimination in the workplace
-Promote equal opportunities and fair treatment


What does BEE stand for

Black Economic Empowerment


What is Black Economic Empowerment?

-Increasing participation of black people in the economy
-To achieve equity in the workplace
-includes women and disabled people