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Why do people/ businesses invest

- to create wealth and income
-generate passive income
-to maybe buy shares in business
- have money to spend
-Earn interest on investment


What is the difference between savings and investment s

- savings - not spending all of your money but putting some money aside on a regular basis
-investment- using the money that you saved to create wealth


Why is important to invest in businesses

- lead to more trade
-impact positively on job creation
-positively on productivity
-result in economic growth
-increase in standard of living


What is productivity

- to produce goods by businesses
Measures the amount of output for each unit of input
Refers to the amount of work that an employee can deliver in a specific time period
-leads to economic growth


What is the difference between quality and quantity

- quality- how good is the product Excellence of goods
- quantity how many goods are there
Refers to amounts and numbers


What are the 3 effects to increase productivity

-labour - train employees, paying fair wages, motivate employees
-natural resources- use resources efficiently- recycle
- time - use time efficiently Produce highest number of goods to in a shortest period of time


What are the advantages of increase of productivity

-job creation
-economic growth
-enterprises become more competitive
-capable of obtaining greater market share
-growth and expansion