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What is reactive bone formation?

Intramembranous bone formed in response to stress on bone or soft tissue


What typical radiologic finding is observed during reactive bone formation?

Sunburst pattern


What occurs on when an onion skin pattern is observed?

Progressive layering of the periosteum


What type of bone is laid down resulting from a rapid stress? Gradual stress?

Woven bone; Lamellar bone


What is Heterotopic Ossification?

Formation of reactive bone in extraskeletal sites


WHat is the name of the disorder in which massive deposits of bone is deposited around multiple joints?

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva


What is the name of the condition in which calcium salts are deposited in soft tissues?

Heterotopic calcification


What are the two types of heterotopic calcification?


  1. Metastatic - WHen increazsed levels of calcium-phosphate product
  2. Dystrophic - calcification in abnormal or damaged tissue


What is the name of the condition in which reactive bone formation forms in the muscle after injury?

Myositis Ossificans


How is myositis ossifican s distinguished from a neoplasm?

In MO, bone matures peripherally, whereas it is immature or not formed at all in the center of the lesion; In a neoplasm, the lesion is most mature centrally