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TRUE OR FALSE: Ducted systems include two sets of ducts: supply air ducts and return ducts



TRUE OR FALSE: With balloon frame construction the studs extend continuously to the ceiling of the second floor, providing a smooth unbroken wall surface at each floor level.



TRUE OR FALSE: A corner lot is bounded with streets on two sides.



TRUE OR FALSE: The higher the R-value, the better the energy efficiency.



TRUE OR FALSE: In platform construction, the wall framing is assembled on the concrete slab and then hoisted into place and anchored.



TRUE OR FALSE: Casement windows can be opened up completely, providing maximum ventilation



TRUE OR FALSE: A dormer is a projection that extends out of the roof to provide additional light and ventilation.



TRUE OR FALSE: T-intersection lots are a type of corner lot.

FALSE. A T-intersection lot is an interior lot that suffers from its location at the end of a T-intersection. T-intersection lots face an oncoming street.


TRUE OR FALSE: The high-pressure plumbing system carries wastewater away from the home.

FALSE. The high-pressure system delivers potable water (suitable for drinking) to the various parts of a home, and the low-pressure system carries wastewater away from the home.


TRUE OR FALSE: Weather heads are used to protect an electric circuit from damage caused by too much current.

FALSE. Circuit breakers are used to protect an electric circuit from damage caused by too much current. The weather head attaches to the utility service cable and prevents water damage to the wiring.


A type of frame construction that allows for large spans between supporting side walls is

POST-AND-BEAM CONSTRUCTION. Because the posts provide some of the ceiling support, rooms can be constructed with larger spans between the supporting side walls.


Electricity travels in a closed loop also referred to as a



You are walking through a seller's contemporary-design home. There are windows set high into a loft area, that are NOT designed to be opened. They function simply to bring light into the loft. What window type does this describe?

Fixed Windows


Which type of lot allows extra space in the backyard and is considered more "quiet."

Cul-de-sac. Lots located on a cul-de-sac are desirable because they are usually more spacious, providing ample room for backyard features.


Which part of the plumbing system carries wastewater away from the structure?



You are interested in adding additional roof insulation to your home to reduce your monthly electrical bill. Which government agency establishes minimum recommended R-values specific to your local area?

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has established minimum recommended R-values specific to ZIP code areas.


You want to replace a ceiling fan, and you have removed the old fixture. The wiring to the old fixture consists of three wires: a black wire, a white wire, and a green wire. Which wire is the hot wire?

BLACK. The hot wire is normally black. If the cable has two hot wires, one is black, and the other is typically red


Which type of roof construction involves one plane at a steep angle?

SHED. Shed roofs consist of a single steep plane. This type of roof construction is often used in contemporary architecture.


Which type of lot is bounded by five or six other lots?

KEY. Key lots are long skinny lots that are often bounded by five or six other lots.


Which type of construction involves pouring the slab directly on the ground with the footers?

MONOLITHIC. Slab-on-grade construction involves pouring a concrete slab directly on the ground. If the footers are poured with the slab, it is a monolithic slab


An electrical cable stamped with the words 8/2 with ground is MOST appropriate for wiring to a

C)wall switch.
D)ceiling fan.

A) REFRIGERATOR. The size wire used in a circuit is based on how much current it will carry. Wires supplying clothes dryers or other large appliances such as refrigerators require an 8-gauge or 6-gauge wire.


The purpose of a U-shaped trap under a kitchen sink is to

PREVENT COMBUSTIBLE GASES FROM ENTERING THE HOME. Traps are U-shaped pipes that stay full of water. The water forms a seal in the waste line and prevents odors and combustible gases from entering the home.