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An individual licensed and engaged in the real estate business is not limited to selling residential real estate. A person licensed to sell real estate may specialize in one or more of many fields, such as:

Multi-family dwellings;


Retail; or

Industrial sales.
There are other real estate professions beyond sales, such as appraising, building, development, property management, financing, and real estate consulting.


Serving the Parties

Effective real estate salespeople and brokers must have a clear picture of their roles in the real estate transaction. Successful real estate licensees do not use "hard sell" techniques. Rather, they are advisors working diligently to assist buyers, sellers, and renters of real estate.

The real estate licensee's ability to serve the parties in a real estate transaction will determine his or her success. A career in real estate can provide the satisfaction from serving the needs of others, as well as with financial rewards. Success in the real estate business is built upon knowledge, ethical conduct in all dealings, and service to others.