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Physical Factors

Physical factors affecting land use can be either natural or artificial. Natural and artificial physical factors always must be considered in analyzing the utility of land.


Natural factors include

Location; Topography;
Soil conditions; Size and shape;
Likelihood of flooding;
Weather variables; and
The presence or absence of minerals.


Artificial factors include

Adjacent land use patterns;
Availability of public utilities;
Rail and air access; and
Air and water quality


Economic Factors

Land use control describes any legal restriction that controls how a parcel of land may be used. There are both public controls and private controls. Public controls include zoning, building codes, subdivision regulations, and master plans. Private controls come in the form of deed restrictions


The following are examples of economic factors that affect land use:

Local property tax assessments;
Tax rates;
Wage and employment levels;
Interest rates;
Availability of financing;
Growth in the community;
Building codes;
Fire regulations; and
Local and regional land use planning.