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With the advent of private ownership of land, the general public had a vested interest in the use of all land, because of its effect on surrounding land. The use of land requires some regulations for the benefit of all.

An owner's use of land is affected by government and private land use controls, or limitations on land use. This is especially true in areas of high population density, where land uses are more intense and affect a greater number of people.


Land use intensity (LUI)

a system of land use under local zoning codes or comprehensive development ordinances designed to relate land, building coverage of the land and open space to one another. The LUI scale provides a series of density ratings (percentages) that include floor area, open space, living space, and recreation space



Police policy stating that a residential home can not be built on a commercial strip
Zoning is the regulation of structures and uses of property within designated districts or zones


Legal Restrictions

Private restrictions in individual deeds requiring the continuation of a specified land use or prohibiting a specified land use, and use restrictions imposed on tenants in lease contracts, can be legal or illegal.

In both public and private land use regulation, the restriction must be reasonable, necessary, and legal. Certain types of zoning can be discriminatory and thus illegal. Certain private restrictions, especially those pertaining to race or gender, are illegal