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Describe briefly Henry V111's reign with rebellions?

henry V111's reign saw various instances of disorder and disobedience which the authorities managed, with difficulty, to keep under control. It also contained one major rebellion , the Pilgrimage of Grace


Why were there complaints in Yorkshire , particularly in the upland areas in 1513?

Due to the subsidy to raise money fro Henrys campaigns


What happened due to complaints in Yorkshire, particularly in the upland areas in 1513 due to the subsidy to raise money for Henrys campaigns?

they were eventually written off


Where did the most and strongest resistance occur due to the Amicable grant 1525? (2)

-north Essex and South Suffolk


How many people did the Earl of Essex report had gathered at the Essex-Suffolk border determined to resist payments ?

1,000 people


How many taxation resisters faced the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk due to the Amicable grant 1525 ?



Who in particular were the taxation resisters to the Amicable Grant 1525?

unemployed cloth workers who found it impossible to pay the levy


What did Wolsey beg in public for to the King following rebellion from the Amicable Grant?

begged to offer pardon to those whom he saw as his Suffolk countrymen


How were the leaders of the Amicable Grant resistance dealt with?



What did Henry learn from the Amicable Grant 1525 resistance?

that he could not operate in defiance of the taxpaying classes


As a result of the defiance of the Amicable Grant 1525, how did Henry later use to raise revenue for his invasion of France?

he supplemented his extraordinary revenue with case from the sale of monastic lands